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Spring all-Conference Indiana honors announced

June 5, 2014
Columbus North High School

        Athletes and coaches from the Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized in six sports with 2013-14 spring all-conference honors.
        Athletes in baseball, softball and girls tennis were selected during a meeting of conference coaches on Wednesday, June 4. Athletes in boys track, girls track and boys golf have known of their selections since the conference meet in their sport because accolades in each are based on performance in those events.
        Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all six sports. Those voted as Coach of the Year were John Rockey of Franklin Central in baseball; Kathy Stricker of Franklin Central in softball; Barb Mills of Bloomington North in girls tennis; Frank Wintin of Bloomington South in boys golf; Ernie Clark of Bloomington North in boys track; and Lou Sipe of Columbus North in girls track.
        Athletes and coaches from Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Southport, Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South were considered for honors in boys golf, boys track and girls track, sports in which they competed this spring. Athletes and coaches from only the first six schools were considered for honors in baseball, softball and girls tennis.
        Next school year, Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South will compete in all CI sports.
        A complete list of the honorees for 2014 spring sports follows.


Pos.  School                         Conf. Overall

1, Franklin Central                       5-0    21-6

2, Bloomington South                  4-1     19-8

3, Columbus North                       3-2    23-5-1 * #

4, Bloomington North                   2-3    17-9

5, Perry Meridian                          1-4     5-19

6, Southport                                  0-5    9-16

          # Sectional champion; *Competing in Evansville Regional on June 7

All-Conference Indiana

First Team

     Bryce Aldridge, Bloomington North

     Canaan Baum, Columbus North

     Tyler Bivins, Bloomington South

     Ryne Carnes, Franklin Central

     Evan Finke, Columbus North

     Mitchell Garrity, Perry Meridian

     Jon Knies, Franklin Central

     Collin Lollar, Columbus North

     Devin Mann, Columbus North

     Rex McHaley, Bloomington South

     Blake Richardson, Bloomington North

     Gage Rogers, Bloomington South

     Jake Sprinkle, Franklin Central

     Dylan Stutsman, Bloomington North

     Collin Timmons, Perry Meridian

     Zack Whitehead, Franklin Central

     Max Williams, Bloomington North

     Jimmy Yates, Franklin Central

Honorable Mention

     Pete Allen – Bloomington North

     Joe Crider, Henry Niswander, Jordan Parrott – Bloomington South

     Cody Burton – Columbus North

     Brandon Ruble – Franklin Central

     Kyler Fleener – Perry Meridian

     Wyatt Cullom, Zack Odom, AJ Wampler – Southport

     Coach of the Year: John Rockey, Franklin Central


Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1, Franklin Central                        5-0    22-4

2, Columbus North                       4-1     17-11

3, Perry Meridian                          3-2    17-9

4, Bloomington South                   2-3    18-8* # %

5, Bloomington North                   1-4     10-13

6, Southport                                  0-5      9-16

          # Sectional champion; % Regional champion; *Playing in Class 4A semistate on June 7

All-Conference Indiana

First Team

     Sam Amos, Perry Meridian

     Denisa Brooks, Columbus North

     Megan Eder, Perry Meridian

     Whitney Ennis, Bloomington South

     Mena Fulton, Bloomington South

     Grayson Harney, Columbus North

     Shelby Herron, Franklin Central

     Madison Kendall, Southport

     Tori Luster, Franklin Central

     Maggie MacBeth, Perry Meridian

     Devin Raters, Franklin Central

     Emily Ridge, Bloomington North

     Kenzey Ridge, Bloomington North

     Dabney Skutt, Southport

     Raegan Sparks, Franklin Central

     Tommi Stowers, Columbus North

     Delaney Thompson, Franklin Central

     Olivia White, Bloomington South

Honorable Mention

     Emily Liford – Bloomington North

     Addie Benham, Elizabeth Getz – Bloomington South

     Christine Bombardiere, Kelsay Lucas – Columbus North

     Alessia Poynter – Perry Meridian

     Bryanna Fox - Southport

     Coach of the Year: Kathy Stricker, Franklin Central


Pos.  School                     Points

1.        Bloomington North           118.0

2.       Bloomington South            112.0

3.       Columbus North                94.5

4.       Franklin Central               75.0

5.       Southport                        70.0

6.       Terre Haute South           67.5

7.       Perry Meridian                62.0

8.       Terre Haute North          25.0

All-Conference Indiana

          4x800: 1, Franklin Central (Robbie Talhelm, Evan Shuck, Andrew Schmalfeldt, Kyle O'Malley) 8:00.14

          110 high hurdles: 1, Danny Thomas (Bloomington South) 15.46

          100: 1, Marcel Price (Franklin Central) 11.53

          1,600: 1, Kaden Eaton (Columbus North) 4:20.66

          4x100: 1, Franklin Central (Aaron Austin, Robert Ritter, Najee Wilkins, Marcel Price) 43.37

          400: 1, Stathis Krauth (Perry Meridian) 50.64

          300 hurdles: 1, Michael Behling (Columbus North) 41.19

          800: 1, Riley Stohler (Terre Haute South) 1:58.02

          200: 1, Marcel Price (Franklin Central) 22.47

          3,200: 1, Clayton Bowie (Southport) 9:20.18

          4x400: 1, Bloomington North (John Earl Manns, Jop Horning, Delvon Wilson, Bryce Frazier) 3:26.47

          Long jump: 1, Drew Ludwig (Bloomington North) 21-6½

          High jump: 1, Alex Olson (Bloomington South) 6-6

          Discus: 1, Ezra Followell (Columbus North) 145-7

          Shot put: 1, Jordon Montgomery (Terre Haute South) 50-10

          Pole vault: 1, Deakin Volz (Bloomington South) 16-6 (meet record; old record 15-6 by Drew Volz, Bloomington South, 2011)

             Coach of the Year: Ernie Clark, Bloomington North


Pos.  School                            Points

1.        Columbus North                         118.0

2.       Bloomington South                      102.0

3.       Terre Haute North                     101.5

4.       Bloomington North                       99.0

5.       Franklin Central                          66.5

6T.     Perry Meridian                           48.5

6T.     Terre Haute South                      48.5

8.       Southport                                   39.0

All-Conference Indiana

          4x800: 1, Franklin Central (Olivia Koehl, Haley Welch, Emily Welch, Brooke Talhelm) 9:33.62

          100 hurdles: 1, Trinity Clements (Bloomington North) 15.47

          100: 1, Megan Grabowski (Bloomington South) 12.83

          1,600: 1, Mackenzie Caldwell (Columbus North) 5:03.00

          4x100: 1, Bloomington South (Isabelle Conrad, Emily Morrone, Cameron Lien, Megan Grabowski) 50.27

          400: 1, Gabby Sims (Columbus North) 58.26

          300 hurdles: 1, Trinity Clements (Bloomington North) 47.18

          800: 1, Lindsay Welker (Terre Haute North) 2:17.78

          200: 1, Megan Grabowski (Bloomington South) 26.20

          3,200: 1, Mackenzie Caldwell (Columbus North) 10:58.84

          4x400: 1, Terre Haute North (Jessi Conley, Keeliegh Stigall, Layne Curley, Lindsay Welker) 4:01.73

          Long jump: 1, Emani Tatum (Terre Haute South) 17-4¼

          High jump: 1, Ashley Hash (Bloomington North) 5-2

          Discus: 1, Tessa Krempel (Columbus North) 145-4

          Shot put: 1, Tessa Krempel (Columbus North) 41-4

          Pole vault: 1, Emily Finley (Bloomington South) 10-6

          Coach of the Year: Lou Sipe, Columbus North


Pos.  School                     Score

1,       x-Columbus North             309

2,       Bloomington South            309

3,       Perry Meridian                311

4,       Terre Haute South           340

5,       Bloomington North            342

6,       Southport                        346

7,       Franklin Central               354

8,       Terre Haute South           365

      x-Won team championship on fifth-player’s score

All-Conference Indiana

Player, School                              Score

1.   Dylan Windler, Perry Meridian                72

2.  Joe Weiler, Bloomington South                 73

3.  Michael VanDeventer, Columbus North      74

3.  Christian Fairbanks, Columbus North         74

3.  Nick Osterburg, Perry Meridian               74

6.  Ian Bailey, Bloomington North                   76

6.  Nick Burris, Bloomington South                 76

8.  Ian Coffey, Columbus North                     79

8.  Sam Karcher, Bloomington South               79

10. Drew Cahill, Terre Haute South                80

10. Justin Smith, Franklin Central                  80

    Coach of the Year: Frank Wintin, Bloomington South


Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1, Bloomington South                   5-0     12-4

2, Bloomington North                   4-1      19-3 # %

3, Columbus North                       3-2     16-9 #

4, Franklin Central                       2-3     13-8 #

5, Perry Meridian                         1-4      7-10

6, Southport                                  0-5      3-17 #

          # Sectional champion; % Regional champion

All-Conference Indiana

First Team

     Sydney Anderson, Columbus North

     Denise Azcui, Bloomington South

     Taylor Bode, Bloomington North

     Sarah Coghlan, Bloomington North

     Megan Coghlan, Bloomington North

     Megan Gardner, Bloomington North

     Janani Krishnan, Bloomington South

     Kacy Poore, Bloomington South

     Aubrey Smith, Columbus North

     Sara Vanderkolk, Columbus North

     Lauren Whitlatch, Bloomington South

     Megan York, Perry Meridian

Honorable Mention

     Allison Humbird, Jasmine Kalia, Addison Laker – Franklin Central

     Victoria Gifford – Perry Meridian

     Anna Gunderson, Danielle Keeler – Southport

     Coach of the Year: Barb Mills, Bloomington North


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