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Winter all-Conference Indiana honors announced

March 14, 2014
Columbus North High School

     Athletes and coaches from Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized with the 2013-14 winter all-conference honors.

     Athletes in boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Thursday (March 13).

     Athletes in boys swimming, girls swimming, gymnastics and wrestling have known of their selections since the conference meets earlier in the winter because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.

     Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all sports.

     Those voted as Coach of the Year were Kyle Simpson of Southport and Jason Speer as co-Coaches of the Year in boys’ basketball; Pat McKee of Columbus North in girls’ basketball; Jim Tonte of Perry Meridian in wrestling; Leisa Jones of Bloomington South in gymnastics; and Jim Sheridan of Columbus North in boys’ swimming and girls’ swimming.

     In a year of transition, Conference Indiana featured six teams this season in boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball – Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian and Southport. Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South participated this season in league competitions in boys’ swimming, girls’ swimming and wrestling. Four schools – Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Columbus North and Franklin Central – competed in gymnastics this season.

     A complete list of the honorees for the 2013-14 winter sports is below:


Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1t.     Columbus North               4-1     20-6

1t.     Southport                           4-1     15-8

3t.     Bloomington South           2-3    15-8

3t.     Perry Meridian                  2-3    13-7

3t.     x-Bloomington North       2-3    14-8

6.       x-Franklin Central           1-4     13-10

     x-Sectional champion (competing in Seymour Regional)

All-Conference Indiana

First Team

     Malik Bennett, Southport

     Tucker Blackwell, Bloomington South

     Joey Brunk, Southport

     Curtis Green, Perry Meridian

     Keaton Hendricks, Bloomington South

     Evan Henry, Columbus North

     Lucas Huffman, Franklin Central

     Saikou Jallow, Bloomington North

     Grant Sims, Bloomington North

     Josh Speidel, Columbus North

     Elliott Welmer, Columbus North

     Dylan Windler, Perry Meridian

Honorable Mention

     Tyler Truesdel - Bloomington North

     Johnny Jager - Bloomington South

     Jalen Bell, Jacob Malone – Franklin Central

     Anthony Hardy – Perry Meridian

     Paul Scruggs - Southport

     Co-Coaches of the Year: Kyle Simpson, Southport, and Jason Speer, Columbus North


Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1.      Columbus North                5-0    23-3

2.     Bloomington South            4-1     17-6

3.     Franklin Central                  3-2    17-5

4.     Perry Meridian                    2-3    11-11

5.     Bloomington North            1-4     8-15

6.     Southport                             0-5    5-16

All-Conference Indiana

First Team

     Kennedy Archer, Franklin Central

     Cassie Baird, Perry Meridian

     Kelsey Cunningham, Columbus North

     Jacqueline Forney, Bloomington South

     Tayler Goodall, Columbus North

     Ashlyn Huffman, Franklin Central

     Morgan Landis, Perry Meridian

     Ali Patberg, Columbus North

     Emma St. John, Bloomington North

     Abbey Titzer, Franklin Central

     Lauren Whitlatch, Bloomington South

     Shayla Wright, Southport

Honorable Mention

     Josie Staggs - Bloomington North

     Annie Gillard, Mackenzie McNew - Bloomington South

     Paige Littrell – Columbus North

     Elizabeth McIntyre – Perry Meridan

     Molly Bridges - Southport

     Coach of the Year: Pat McKee, Columbus North


Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

1.    Columbus North                  108.650                

2.   Franklin Central                    101.175

3.   Bloomington South                 98.975

4.   Bloomington North                 94.450

All-Conference Indiana

Katie Ayler, Franklin Central: sixth, all-around

Kaitlyn Barnes, Columbus North: fourth, all-around

Khloe Dykes, Franklin Central: third, all-around; first, floor exercise

Megan Heathcote, Columbus North: second, all-around

Ashley Holliday, Columbus North: first, all-around; first, uneven parallel bars; first, vault

Paulita Lara, Bloomington North: fifth, all-around

Katrina May, Columbus North: first, balance beam

      Coach of the Year: Leisa Jones, Bloomington South


Team standings

Pos.  School                              Points

1.    Columbus North                  454.0

2.    Terre Haute South              380.0

3.    Bloomington South             372.0

4.    Bloomington North             277.5

5.    Franklin Central                   228.5

6.    Perry Meridian                    171.0

7.    Terre Haute North              115.0

8.    Southport                                58.0

All-Conference Indiana

    200-yard medley relay: Bloomington South (Nick Wonder, Ian Finnerty, Mathew Jerden, Daniel Hepfer) 1:38.17

    200 free: Christian Wilhelm (Terre Haute South) 1:46.90

    200 IM: Cody Taylor (Columbus North) 1:58.48 (meet record)

    50 free: Nick Wonder (Bloomington South) 21.45 (meet record); Sam Loescher (Columbus North) 21.64

    1-meter diving: Kaemon Jiles (Columbus North) 365.90

    100 butterfly: Ian Finnerty (Bloomington South) 50.65

    100 free: Nick Wonder (Bloomington South) 47.04; Sam Loescher (Columbus North) 47.42

    500 free: Mathew Jerden (Bloomington South) 4:48.59

    200 free relay: Columbus North (Cody Taylor, Zach Zeigler, Matt Freudenthaler, Sam Loescher) 1:27.65; Terre Haute South (Nolan Hillard, Dalton Mitchell, Christian Wilhelm, Jacob Riley) 1:28.90

    100 backstroke: Daniel Hepfer (Bloomington South) 57.01

    100 breaststroke: Cody Taylor (Columbus North) 56.13 (meet record); Ian Finnerty (Bloomington South) 57.26

    400 free relay: Columbus North (Cody Taylor, Chase McQueen, Matt Freudenthaler, Sam Loescher) 3:12.50; Bloomington South (Mathew Jerden, Ian Finnerty, Nick Wonder, Daniel Hepfer) 3:15.02

    Coach of the Year: Jim Sheridan, Columbus North


Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

1.    Columbus North                  488.0

2.    Terre Haute South              341.0

3.    Bloomington South              317.0

4.    Perry Meridian                     235.0

5.    Bloomington North             195.0

6.    Franklin Central                   180.0

7.    Terre Haute North              164.0

8.    Southport                              131.0

All-Conference Indiana

    200-yard medley relay: Columbus North (Grace Haskett, Marah Bieger, Maddie Wyke, Karen Wildemann) 1:48.21 (meet record)

    200 free: Mackenzie Fry (Columbus North) 1:58.20

    200 IM: Marah Bieger (Columbus North) 2:09.53

    50 free: Katherine Senseman (Terre Haute South) 23.93 (meet record); Grace Haskett (Columbus North) 24.05; Celina German (Bloomington South) 24.06

    1-meter diving: Courtney McKeen (Bloomington South) 417.60      

    100 butterfly: Maddie Wyke (Columbus North) 57.44 (meet record)

    100 free: Celina German (Bloomington South) 54.04

    500 free: Maria Kline (Terre Haute North) 5:26.58

    200 free relay: Columbus North (Darby Coles, Grace Haskett, Karen Wildemann, Maddie Wyke) 1:41.27

    100 backstroke: Grace Haskett (Columbus North) 56.89 (meet record)

    100 breaststroke: Marah Bieger (Columbus North) 1:06.98 (meet record)

    400 free relay: Columbus North (Mackenzie Fry, Darby Coles, Cori Taylor, Marah Bieger) 3:39.23

    Coach of the Year: Jim Sheridan, Columbus North


Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

1.    Perry Meridian                   289.0

2.   Bloomington South             218.5

3.   Franklin Central                  208.0

4.   Columbus North                 131.0

5.   Terre Haute South              118.0

6.   Terre Haute North              100.5

7.   Bloomington North                75.5

8.   Southport                                 41.0

All-Conference Indiana

           106 Pounds: Ryan Hawkins, Perry Meridian

          113 Pounds: Cornelius Elliott, Perry Meridian

          120 Pounds: Griffin Schermer, Bloomington South

          126 Pounds: Aidan Kenny, Perry Meridian

           132 Pounds: Brandon James, Perry Meridian

          138 Pounds: Ross Abram, Bloomington South

          145 Pounds: Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian

          152 Pounds: Phoenix Adams, Terre Haute South

          160 Pounds: DeRon Young, Franklin Central

           170 Pounds: Zach Hays, Bloomington South

          182 Pounds: Nathan Warman, Perry Meridian

          195 Pounds: Dakota Thacker, Bloomington South

          220 Pounds: Seth Vaughn, Franklin Central

          285 Pounds: Gus Dijani, Bloomington South

              Coach of the Year: Jim Tonte, Perry Meridian

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