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Fall 2012 all-Conference Indiana honors announced

November 7, 2012
Columbus North High School

      Athletes and coaches from the eight member Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized in the 2012 fall all-conference honors.
     Athletes in football, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys tennis and volleyball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Monday.
     Athletes in boys cross country, girls cross country and girls golf have known of their selections since the conference meet earlier in the fall because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.
     Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all sports.
     Those voted as Coach of the Year were Jayson West of Lawrence Central in football, Kevin Sparks of Bloomington South in boys soccer, Chris Doran of Bloomington North in girls soccer, Pat Carlson of Perry Meridian in volleyball, Joe Doyle of Bloomington South in boys tennis, Andy Sebold of Perry Meridian in girls golf and Rick Weinheimer of Columbus North in boys cross country and girls cross country.
      Here is a complete list of the honorees for the 2012 fall sports:


Pos. School Points

1. Columbus North 44

2. Lawrence Central 45

3. Bloomington South 72

4. Franklin Central 96

5. Bloomington North 154

6. Southport 158

7. Perry Meridian 174

8. Pike 195

All-Conference Indiana

Name, Year, School Time

1. Karson Tays, Sr., Columbus North 15:31.00

2. Chandler Ball, Sr., Lawrence Central 15:33.79

3. Matt Dorsey, Sr., Lawrence Central 15:35.79

4. Cole Hester, Sr., Lawrence Central 15:38.55

5. Samuel Tebeje, Sr., Pike 15:48.55

6. Jordan Huntoon, Sr., Bloomington South 15:50.38

7. Anthony Williams, So., Bloomington South 16:00.23

8. Andy Carr, Jr., Columbus North 16:00.64

9. Kyle Burks, Jr., Bloomington South 16:04.54

10. Kaden Eaton, Jr., Columbus North 16:11.49

11. Seth Williams, So., Columbus North 16:14.48

12. Shane Wright, Sr., Franklin Central 16:16.78

Coach of the Year: Rick Weinheimer, Columbus North


School                                Conf.  PF   PA   All      PF   PA

1. Lawrence Central *    7-0  274   71  12-0 458 108

2. Pike *                     5-2  260  101   9-3  397 203

3. Columbus North        4-3  196  176   6-6  282 315

3. Perry Meridian           4-3  178  211   5-5  261 324

3. Southport                 4-3  167  219   5-5  237 316

6. Franklin Central        3-4   174 181   5-6   250 242

7. Bloomington North     1-6    88 209   2-8   183 283

8. Bloomington South     0-7   92  261  1-9   160 359

     * Still alive in postseason

All-Conference Indiana


WR: Dominique Booth, Pike

WR: Montero Dubose, Perry Meridian

WR: Trey White, Lawrence Central

C: Matt Tobin, Bloomington North

OL: Micah Brown, Southport

OL: Tim Gardner, Lawrence Central

OL: Skylar Lacy, Southport

OL: Jason McBride, Pike

OL: Thomas Shoaf, Columbus North

QB: Drake Christen, Lawrence Central

QB: Brent Lyles, Pike

QB: Conner Smith, Perry Meridian

RB: Alex Rodriguez, Lawrence Central

RB: Taylor Sanders, Pike

RB: Ty Smith, Bloomington North


DL: Derrick Dunlap, Lawrence Central

DL: David Kenney, Pike

DL: Tyler Malone, Franklin Central

DL: Ashley Meadows, Southport

DL: Deshai Powell, Lawrence Central

LB: Shaquille Ash, Columbus North

LB: Nikia Averitte, Lawrence Central

LB: Kevin Brown, Pike

LB: Brandon Lee, Lawrence Central

LB: Trevor Stone, Bloomington North

DB: Jalen Easler, Lawrence Central

DB: Matt Henderson, Bloomington South

DB: Tyrice Howard, Pike

DB: Delon Pettiford, Lawrence Central

DB: Taylor Summa, Columbus North

Honorable mention

Bloomington North: Evan Heeb, Z Stephenson

Bloomington South: Drew Doehla, Dillon Flynn, Johnathon Winters

Columbus North: Luis Cambron, Ethan Brown, Skyler Farmer, Solomon Knight, Luke Teague

Franklin Central: Aaron Austin, David Diehl, Austin Kiel, Damonte Sebree, Kyler White

Lawrence Central: Kenny Jones, Kevin Willis

Perry Meridian: Austin Beck, Sean Kelley, Jaquan Keys, Andrew Robinson, Collin Timmons, Donte Winfield

Pike: Tyler Sanders, Tate Spence, Robert Williams

Southport: David Boyer, Max Doughty, Timmy Jewell, Christian Perry, Robert Webb,

Coach of the Year: Jayson West, Lawrence Central


Team                                    Conf.  Pts   Overall

1. Bloomington South     7-0-0 21    16-2-1

2. Columbus North         6-1-0 18    17-1-4

3. Pike                         4-3-0 12    12-7-0

3. Southport                  4-3-0 12    12-8-0

5. Lawrence Central        3-4-0  9      4-9-3

6. Bloomington North      2-5-0  6      7-9-3

7. Franklin Central          1-6-0  3     4-13-0

7. Perry Meridian             1-6-0  3     2-14-0

All-Conference Indiana

Nick Briles, Bloomington North

Luke Crowe, Bloomington South

Mason Engel, Columbus North

McClain Goggin, Columbus North

Tony Gonzalez, Columbus North

Jake Kabrick, Bloomington South

Van Lian, Southport

Josh Lipe-Melton, Bloomington North

Chris Post, Bloomington South

Cameron Roland, Pike

Brad Shaw, Columbus North

Petr Sliva, Lawrence Central

Jordan Spiceland, Franklin Central

Van Ro Thuam, Perry Meridian

Efrain Tovar, Southport

Matt Weinberg, Pike

Reid Wilson, Columbus North

Jared Winn, Bloomington North

Honorable mention

Bloomington North: John Wegener

Bloomington South: Cameron Bland, Riley Bland, Kelly Dunigan

Lawrence Central: Griffin Gardner

Perry Meridian: Sang Uk

Pike: Cameron Shine

Southport: Andrew Clevenger, Ro Lian

Coach of the Year: Kevin Sparks, Bloomington South


Team                                     Conf. Overall

1. Bloomington South      6-1    17-4

2. Columbus North          5-2    16-4

2. Perry Meridian             5-2    19-6

2. Bloomington North       5-2    12-5

5. Franklin Central           4-3    20-5

6. Lawrence Central          2-5    5-12

7. Pike                           1-6    3-11

8. Southport                    0-7    0-16

All-Conference Indiana

Brandon Benedict, Perry Meridian

Derek Benedict, Perry Meridian

Tyler Conrad, Franklin Central

K.V. Ghumaan, Franklin Central

Matt Helm, Bloomington South

Alex Jung, Bloomington South

Peter Leonard, Bloomington North

Matthew McCoy, Bloomington North

Sam Osborne, Perry Meridian

Luke Red, Columbus North

Ronnie Schneider, Bloomington South

Sam Wisen, Bloomington North

Honorable mention

Bloomington North: John Isaacson

Bloomington South: Matt Johnsen

Columbus North: Ernest Xi

Franklin Central: Jake Sprinkle

Lawrence Central: Jacob Pluta

Perry Meridian: Keegan Caughey

Coach of the Year: Joe Doyle, Bloomington South


Pos. School Points

1. Columbus North 35

2. Franklin Central 42

3. Bloomington South 104

4. Pike 125

5. Bloomington North 129

6. Lawrence Central 135

7. Perry Meridian 180

8. Southport 192

All-Conference Indiana

Name, Year, School Time

1. Mackenzie Caldwell, Jr., Columbus North 17:51.09

2. Rachael Sollman, Sr., Columbus North 18:16.39

3. Sierra Lax, Fr., Columbus North 18:42.23

4. Carolyn Talhelm, Sr., Franklin Central 18:52.74

5. Alex Warzyniak, Jr., Bloomington South 18:55.34

6. Kate Raphael, Jr., Bloomington North 19:09.34

7. Cailyn Adams, So., Franklin Central 19:09.60

8. Lexi McCann, So., Franklin Central 19:17.13

9. Maddy Roach, Sr., Lawrence Central 19:19.98

10. Nina Bouthier, Fr., Columbus North 19:23.01

11. Natalie Nolting, Sr., Franklin Central 19:24.86

12. Emily Welch, Fr., Franklin Central 19;27.22

Coach of the Year: Rick Weinheimer, Columbus North


Pos. School Score

1. Bloomington South 317

2. Columbus North 337

3. Perry Meridian 349

4. Bloomington North 384

5. Southport 393

6. Lawrence Central 405

7. Pike 431

8. Franklin Central inc.

All-Conference Indiana

Ps. Name, School Score

1. Cherise Otter, Bloomington South .............. 74

2. Katie Vaux, Perry Meridian .......................... 76

3. Sydney Anderson, Columbus North............. 77

4. Hallie Pederson, Bloomington South .......... 78

5. Emily Morris, Columbus North .................... 79

6. Sabrina Matthews, Perry Meridian ............ 81

6. Hannah Wright, Bloomington South ........... 81

8. Emma Fisher, Bloomington South ................ 84

9. Samantha McQueen, Columbus North ........ 90

10. Lauren Backmeyer, Columbus North ......... 91

Coach of the Year: Andy Sebold, Perry Meridian


Team                                    Conf. Pts   Overall

1. Perry Meridian            6-1-0 18   14-4-0

1. Pike                          6-1-0 18   11-4-1

3. Bloomington North      5-2-0 15   15-6-2

4. Bloomington South     4-3-0 12   11-6-1

4. Columbus North         4-3-0 12     8-8-3

6. Franklin Central          2-5-0  6     9-8-0

7. Lawrence Central         1-6-0  3    2-12-1

7. Southport                   1-6-0  3    2-12-1

All-Conference Indiana

Michelle Amlung, Columbus North

Amanda Annee, Perry Meridian

Olivia Annee, Perry Meridian

Whitney Biggs, Bloomington North

Mykayla Brown, Pike

Kenadie Carlson, Columbus North

Olivia Crowe, Bloomington South

Maddie Fleet, Perry Meridian

Ginyce Haywood, Pike

Susanna Herrmann, Bloomington South

Jasmine Hunt, Franklin Central

Elizabeth James, Columbus North

Cadee Riordan, Franklin Central

Brea’Anna Sanders, Pike

Meghan Siemers, Lawrence Central

Shelby Stebbins, Bloomington South

Paige Strobel, Bloomington North

Christina Zerfas, Bloomington North

Honorable mention

Bloomington North: Brittany Tucker

Columbus North: Malissa Hofmeister, Gabby Sims

Franklin Central: Courtney Muston, Emma Myers

Lawrence Central: Rachel Rogers

Perry Meridian: Abi Corbett, Jenny Sims

Pike: Danielle Hayden, Shayla McNeal, Sadarah Williams

Southport: Brandi Ford, Kelsey Newhouse

Coach of the Year: Chris Doran, Bloomington North


Team                               Conf. Overall

1. Perry Meridian         7-0    28-7

2. Bloomington South  5-2    20-11

2. Bloomington North   5-2    16-14

4. Pike                       4-3    14-15

5. Franklin Central       3-4    18-9

5. Lawrence Central      3-4    16-17

7. Southport                1-6     9-18

8. Columbus North       0-7    10-25

All-Conference Indiana

Cassie Baird, Perry Meridian

Tia Blackley, Franklin Central

Abby Boatman, Bloomington South

Leah Frischmann, Lawrence Central

Sarah Gambrall, Perry Meridian

Sam Lilly, Perry Meridian

Elaine Moates, Bloomington North

Elizabeth Moore, Franklin Central

Micah Rogers, Pike

Quin Shoultz, Columbus North

Bria Wright, Southport

Amy Zwissler, Bloomington South

Honorable mention

Bloomington North: Alivia Coon, Brooke Hannon, Kelly Wisley

Bloomington South: Jacqueline Forney, Danielle Robertson

Franklin Central: Abbey Titzer

Lawrence Central: Alexandra Powell, Katherine Powell

Perry Meridian: Alli White

Pike: Gabby Mills, Crystal Williams

Southport: Michaela Ullrich

Coach of the Year: Pat Carlson, Perry Meridian


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