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How to Bunt: Baseball

Dec 21, 2010 • Clubhouse Gas
Jack Perconte played 12 years of professional baseball, including seven in the majors for the Dodgers, Indians, Mariners and White Sox with a career .270 average in the majors and a .311 mark in the minors. More

Baseball: Hitting with 2 Strikes by Former Major Leaguer Jack Perconte

Dec 21, 2010 • Clubhouse Gas
How to become a good 2 strike hitter! More

Is Your Child a Baseball Prospect?

Dec 21, 2010 • Clubhouse Gas
Trying to understand baseball scouting can be confusing and frustrating for hopeful baseball players, parents and coaches. Why some players are considered "prospects" and get drafted whereas other players who appear to be more successful are not given the time of day, creates the confusion More

Umpire Judgment

Apr 23, 2011 • Clubhouse Gas
Two things you can’t teach about umpiring. You can’t teach judgment and you can’t teach hustle. More

How to Teach Hitters to Keep their Eye on the Ball

Apr 23, 2011 • Clubhouse Gas
Every time a player swings and misses a pitched ball, observers, automatically, assume the hitter took their eye off the ball. In reality, that is rarely the case. More

Hitting Homeruns

Feb 27, 2011 • Clubhouse Gas
I'm sure you'd agree...Hitting homeruns or rocket shots ain't easy. However... More

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