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Left Field Loudmouths lift school spirit

April 15, 2009
Clear Creek High School

By Christen Valcoviak
"Hey Clear Creek, this is Wildcat Baseball," is the opening cheer that will be heard at the beginning of every Creek home game. There has been a lot of gossip about a new group called "The Leftfield Loudmouths." The Leftfield Loudmouths has two founders, senior John Allen and senior Bryant Reinert.

Allen has always been a "diehard sports fan" and has always loved baseball. He enjoys being a fan and is not afraid to get into the game by cheering on the team. He decided that he wanted to get a group of "loud, funny, and rowdy fans" to support the Clear Creek baseball team. He started discussing all of this with Reinert and then they needed a name for this group. Reinert started naming random names, and then he said "Leftfield Loudmouths." Allen thought this name was perfect.

After they came up with the name they started brainstorming ideas for the group. Allen suggested the group have shirts and some chants. They agreed, and decided to commit. They have received a lot of support from Creek students.

Allen has sold over 100 Loudmouth T-shirts and people continue to ask him for more. "It's a great feeling to see people wearing and supporting us. None of this would be possible without the fans. But I would say we started this to bring people together to support the baseball team and show them how to properly cheer," Allen said.
The main purpose of the Leftfield Loudmouths is to cheer on the Creek baseball team at home games from the leftfield side and to stimulate crowd involvement.

The Leftfield Loudmouths is a good way for students to be around their friends in a safe environment, have fun, and at the same time show their support for the Creek baseball team. The Leftfield Loudmouths hope baseball becomes a bigger part of Creek.
"[The purpose of the Leftfield Loudmouths] is to bring new life to Clear Creek baseball since baseball's usually regarded as a "boring" sport. Now that's all changed," senior, Carlos Garcia said.

The official girl leader of the Leftfield Loudmouths is Cassie Lee. Lee wanted to show her support for the baseball team and hopes to get more people involved so they can show their spirit. Lee thinks this group is a great way to get the players hyped up at games and more enthusiastic, as well as get the crowd more involved in the game. "The Leftfield Loudmouths will pump up the players and keep them optimistic and energized even if they are down in a game," Lee said.


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