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The Next Dimention

November 15, 2012
Clear Brook High School

by John Mathews, Staff Reporter

3D movies have been around since the 1950s, but not until recently have 3D movies become so popular that even older movies are being re-released with 3D effects.

From Finding Nemo to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace any movie is a candidate for the 3D treatment, but does this effect really enhance the movie?

Senior Ryan Norwood said he thinks 3D movies help enhance the viewer’s experience.

“3D movies are popular because it brings the viewer closer to the story,” said Norwood.

“The only film I saw a 3D was Avatar, and the 3D effects worked mainly because it was made for 3D.”

Since 3D adds a whole new depth of field in the film, it only tries to make the audience feel as if they are in the film and not in a theater.  In the past year alone, most of the highest grossing films were all 3D movies.

Sophomore Mackenzie Monahan said she thinks they’re uniqueness makes them popular.

“I think 3D movies are popular because it’s only available in theaters, which adds to the curiosity and intrigue of it,” said Monahan. 

“I don’t particularly like 3D movies, though, because it doesn’t really look like I could reach out and touch anything,” Monahan added.

Senior Kelly Lemke said she liked 3D movies.

“I think 3D movies are popular because it’s something new and different,” said Lemke.

“I saw Finding Nemo in 3D, and the 3D effects were not overused,” she added.

Because of the popularity of 3D, moviemakers are looking for the next great thing, so you know 4D can’t be too far behind.

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