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Black Friday Battle

November 12, 2012
Clear Brook High School

by Taylor Cudworth, Staff Reporter

Black Friday coming and if you want to successfully make it through, you need to pay very close attention. 

Organization is your ally on this crazy day.  First, keep an eye on your favorite stores and look for their sales announcements.  Print and cut coupons, and be sure to keep an ongoing list of what your looking for at each store.  You can even go so far as to print out stores maps and plan the best routes to where your favorite items are stocked.  Once your lists are finalized store it in a safe carrying case with all your coupons, circulars and maps. 

Make sure you’re familiar with your stores’ payment options.  Some stores will have “cash only” lines that move more quickly than other lines, so be prepared.

If you’re one of the brave who camp out waiting for door-buster specials, get all your camping gear cleaned and ready the night before.  Make sure you have a comfy chair that’s easy to move, food and water, blankets and pillows, and whatever you need for the weather like a jacket or umbrella.  And, if you’re one of the truly brave - a sturdy tent to protect you from the elements.

So you’re all packed and ready to go. Now you have time to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving feast – sure it’s the greatest shopping day of the year, but make sure you squeeze in a little family time, too.  Load up on carbs so you’ll have energy for the long night ahead.  Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and clothing so you’ll be able to get some rest, and be able to beat the crowds to the door.

Once you’ve got your spot in line, it’s time to play defense, you’re about to go to battle with hundreds of other shoppers.  Remember, you are not there to make friends, trust no one.  

Before you know it. It’s time to open the doors.  Have your map ready and move out.  Once your target has been spotted quickly lunge, grab, and go. 

By mid-afternoon, the chaos in most stores has died down and credit cards have been maxed out.  Now that you have officially rung in the holiday season, you can go home and have some leftovers.  Mission accomplished shopper.

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