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January 4, 2013
Columbia Falls High School


Western Montana Duals

Friday, January 04


Round 1


Frenchtown vs. Superior

98- Caleb Bagnell (Frenchtown) open

105- Cody Warner (Frenchtown) decision Anthony Parkin (Superior) 6-4

112- Tyler Ishler (Frenchtown) open

119-Jonathan Blanchard (Frenchtown) open

125-Preston Downard (Frenchtown) open

130- Bridger Lapierre (Superior) pin Ryan Stenerson (Frenchtown)) 3:42

135-Cody Lemons (Frenchtown) pin River Sides (Superior) 1:42

140-Kody Wilson (Frenchtown) open

145-Jack Nerison (Frenchtown) open

152-Logan Fisher (Frenchtown) open

160- Doug Womak (Frenchtown) open

171- David Anderson (Frenchtown) open

189-Sam Gordon (Frenchtown) open

215-Rand Pritxkau (Frenchtown) open

285- Jordan Zuraff (Frenchtown) open



Florence 30 vs. Libby 54

98- Open

105- Ty Hight (Libby) open

112- Shea Miller (Florence) pin Dylan Roby (

119-Torren Lawson (Florence) pin Ian Edwards-Mysliki (Libby) 1:20

125-Zach Croce (Libby) pin Dean Klakken (Florence) 1:16

130-Michael Ayola (Libby) pin Cody Edens (Florence) 2:24

135- Skylar Higareda (Libby) open

140-Broc Reed (Florence) pin Tyler Boyd (Libby) :21

145-Ricky Roach (Libby) open

152-Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Jace Pancake (Florence) 1:01

160-Alex Yeadon (Libby) open

171- Josh Bowers (Libby) open

189-Tanner Cobbs (Florence) open

215-Keenan Hendrickson (Florence) pin Zach Dolezal (Libby) 1:12

285-Josh McGough (Libby) pin Carl Hillman (Florence) :47


Hamilton 27 vs. Polson 42

98- Thunder Morales (Polson) open

105- Kris Anderson (Hamilton) pin Cody Hedeen (Polson) 2:56

112- Steven Scheffer (Hamilton) decision Tristan Caye (Polson) 8-5

119-Carlo Quinones (Polson) pin Kyle Lubke (Hamilton) 1:49

125-Dylan Moll (Polson) pin Coltin Cox (Hamilton) 2:52

130- Robert Few (Hamilton) Maj. Decision Rhett Burland (Polson) 9-0

135-Easton Albert (Hamilton) open

140-Noah Fouty (Polson) open

145-Craig Feistner (Polson) pin Kyle Bargan (Hamilton) :23

152-Jarred Young (Polson) decision Zach Tompkins (Hamilton) 7-5

160-Tel Matichka (Polson) Maj. Decision  James McCormick (Hamilton) 13-3

171- Tyler Scheffer (Hamilton) decision Josiah Eddington (Polson) 15-9

189-Michael  Bumgarner (Hamilton) pin Mike Corrigan (Polson) 1:57

215-Isaiah Williams (Polson) pin Philip Whitney (Hamilton) 1:05



Fairfield 35 vs. Arlee 18

98- Open

105- Robert Rhodes (Fairfield) open

112- Open

119- Open

125- Tyler Lekan (Fairfield) open

130- Cache Giles (Fairfield) pin Daniel Dunlop (Arlee) 5:59

135- Open

140- Ryan Lesofski (Fairfield) open

145- Austin Rubel (Arlee) pin Adam Lesofski (Fairfield) 3:32

152- Joel Graf (Fairfield) pin Alex Bertollt (Arlee) 1:51

160- Albert Plant (Arlee) pin Jacob Wagner (Fairfield) 2:30

171- Ty Otness (Fairfield) open

189- Open

215- Open

285- Logan Potts (Arlee) pin Luke Anderson (Fairfield) 0:32


Corvallis 65 vs. Columbia Falls JV 24

98- Jordan Hughes (Columbia Falls) open

105- Paul Allsop (Corvallis) open

112- Chase Conner (Corvallis) pin Daniel Batt (Columbia Falls) 0:50

119- Josh Venema (Corvallis) pin Haze Bell (Columbia Falls) 1:40

125- Tyler Olsen (Corvallis) maj. dec. Dalton Nelson (Columbia Falls) 16-1

130- Gunnar Fairbrother (Corvallis) pin Tayer Mitchell (Columbia Falls) 0:50

135- Colton Sweeny (Columbia Falls) open

140- Troy Meyers (Columbia Falls) open

145- Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) pin Deian Jones (Columbia Falls) 1:52

152- Ike Schweikert (Columbia Falls) pin Tucker Jessop (Corvallis) 5:30

160- Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) pin Gavin Gray (Columbia Falls) 3:08

171- Sam Burdette (Corvallis) open

189- Monty Jessop (Corvallis) pin Mike Dennison (Columbia Falls) 3:33

215- Luke Channer (Corvallis) pin Wade Motichkia (Columbia Falls) 5:35

285- Cordell Lott (Corvallis) pin Morgan Totzauer (Columbia Falls) 1:37


Columbia Falls Varsity 76 vs. Flathead JV 0

98- Cameron Goodwin (Columbia Falls) pin Jad Cheff (Flathead) 5:15

105- Cameron Linstead (Columbia Falls) maj. dec. Dyan Guzman (Flathead) 13-2

112- Kaleb Gravelin (Columbia Falls) pin Lukas Decock (Flathead) 1:12

119- Shonn Roberts (Columbia Falls) pin Easton Terry (Flathead) 0:51

125- Seth McCall (Columbia Falls) tech. fall Daniel Devall (Flathead) 15-0

130- Josiah Osborne (Columbia Falls) pin Cody Settle (Flathead) 3:39

135- Colton Gove (Columbia Falls) maj. dec. Cody Wood (Flathead) 15-2

140- Chase Ramberg (Columbia Falls) tech. fall Jon LeGussey (Flathead) 17-2

145- Bryan Shaffer (Columbia Falls) dec. Cole Delauder (Flathead) 9-2

152- Cody Walters (Columbia Falls) maj. dec. Anthony Wright (Flathead) 10-0

160- Jacob Burgess (Columbia Falls) pin Payton Boyce (Flathead) 1:44

171- Cameron Peterson (Columbia Falls) pin Jake Shaffer (Flathead) 5:29

189- Andrew Burgess (Columbia Falls) pin Stephan Karchut (Flathead) 1:30

215- Matt Erhart (Columbia Falls) dec. Riley Leigh (Flathead) 10-6

285- Spencer Ross (Columbia Falls) pin Gage Marcum (Flathead) 1:00



Round 2


Libby 45 vs St. Ignatius/Charlo 36

98- Open

105-Morgan Schuttz (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Ty Hieght (Libby) 1:07

112- Dylan Roby (Libby) open

119-Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Ian Edwards-Mysliki (Libby) 2:42

125-Zach Crace (Libby) pin Koltin Polinski (St. Ignatius/Charlo) :34

130-Michael Ayala (Libby) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius/Charlo) :23

135-Israel LeFrombois (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Skylar Higareda (Libby) 2:53

140-Tyler Boyd (Libby) open

145-Ricky Roach (Libby) pin Bridger Smith (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 2:42

152-Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Kyle Couture (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 2:23

160-Alex Yeadon (Libby) open

171- Jacen Peterson (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Josh Bowers (Libby) 1:52

189-Ethan Goss (St. Ignatius/Charlo) open

215-Zach Dolezal (Libby) decision Barret Sargent (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 14-7

285-Tyler Spidel (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Josh McGough (Libby) 1:38


Fairfield 36 vs Plains 27


105-Robert Rhode (Fairfield) open

112- Open


125-Russell Kujala (Plains) decision Cache Giles (Fairfield) 6-0

130-Logan Goodwin (Plains) decision Tyler Lekan (Fairfield) 4-0


140-Ryan Lesofski (Fairfield) pin Jake Lile (Plains) 2:42

145-Adam Losofski (Fairfield) open

152-Joe Detienne (Plains) pin Dalton Filler (Fairfield) 3:39

160-Joel Graf (Fairfield) open

171- Jacob Wagner (Fairfield) open

189-Ty Otnoss (Fairfield) open

215-Caleb Connolly (Plains) pin Luke Anderson (Fairfield) 3:01

285-Ben Gorham (Plains) open


Columbia Falls 69 vs Florence 18

98- Cameron Goodwin (Columbia Falls) open

105-Cameron Linstead (Columbia Falls) open

112- Shonn Roberts (Columbua Falls) pin Shea Miller (Florence) :24

119-Torren Lawson (Florence) pin Kaleb Gravelin (Columbia Falls) 2:43

125-Seth McCall (Columbia Falls) pin Dean Klakken (Florence) :47

130-Josiah Osborne (Columbia Falls) pin Cody Edens (Florence) :51

135-Colton Grove (Columbia Falls) pin Broc Reed (Florence) 1:22

140-Chase Ramberg (Columbia Falls) open

145-Bryan Shaffer (Columbia Falls) open

152-Cody Walters (Columbia Falls) decision Jace Pancake (Florence) 12-6

160-Jacob Burgess (Columbia Falls) open

171- Cameron Peterson (Columbia Falls) open

189-Tanner Cobbs (Florence) pin Andrew Burgess (Columbia Falls) 3:57

215- Keenan Hendrickson (Florence) pin Matt Erhart (Columbia Falls) :44

285-Spencer Ross (Columbia Falls) open


Ronan 57 vs. Drummond 18

98- Chris Carroll (Drummond) open

105- Open

112- Cole Snyder (Ronan) open

119- Trevor McAllister (Ronan) open

125- Chase Rhine (Ronan) pin Tanner Jenson (Drummond) 1:33

130- Bridger Deschamps (Drummond) open

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) dec. Tony Bergerson (Drummond) 6-0

140- Connor Benn (Ronan) open

145- Kyle Lawson (Ronan) pin Ty Pocha (Drummond) 3:12

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) pin Peyden Prince (Drummond) 0:48

160- Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Chaz Harding (Drummond) 0:53

171- Lauren Christopher (Ronan) open

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) open

215- Tom Paxton (Drummond) open

285- Michael Irvine (Ronan) open


Corvallis 72 vs. Arlee 3

98- James Daffin (Corvallis) open

105- Paul Allsop (Corvallis) open

112- Chase Conner (Corvallis) open

119- Josh Venema (Corvallis) open

125- Donivan Williams (Corvallis) open

130- Gunnar Fairbrother (Corvallis) pin Daniel Dunlop (Arlee) 1:03

135- Baylee Burt (Corvallis) open

140- Open

145- Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) pin Austin Rubel (Arlee) 0:57

152- Alex Bertollt (Arlee) dec. Tucker Jessop (Corvallis) 3-2

160- Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) dec. Albert Plant (Arlee) 7-3

171- Sam Burdette (Corvallis) open

189- Monty Jessop (Corvallis) open

215- Luke Channer (Corvallis) open

285- Cordell Lott (Corvallis) dec. Logan Potts (Arlee) 10-6


Glacier JV 72 vs. Deer Lodge 3

98- Ryan Danielson (Glacier) open

105- Austin Cheney (Glacier) open

112- Open

119- Open

125- Connor Rogers (Deer Lodge) dec. Ryder Day (Glacier) 6-4

130- Dustin Toavs (Glacier) pin Sheldon Danforth (Deer Lodge) 3:33

135- Donovan Macura (Glacier) pin Sean Cozby (Deer Lodge) 1:54

140- Arik Lybeck  (Glacier) pin Tristen Huff (Deer Lodge) 2:21

145- Ramone Saenz (Glacier) open

152- Jacke Barstow (Glacier) open

160- Isaac Saenz (Glacier) open

171- Jake Ferkin (Glacier) pin Frank Stolp (Deer Lodge) 0:41

189- Colby Arbuckle (Glacier) open

215- Andrew Brester (Glacier) open

285- Eli Horn (Glacier) open



Round 3


Polson 54 vs. Superior 16

98- Open

105- Anthony Parkin (Superior) Maj. Decision Thunder Morales (Polson) 14-0

112- Triston Caye (Polson) open

119-Carlos Quinones (Polson) open

125-Dylan Moll (Polson) open

130-Bridger Lapierre (Superior) pin Rhett Burland (Polson) :41

135-River Sides (Superior) pin Noah Fouty (Polson) 2:43

140-Craig Feistner (Polson) open


152-Jared Young (Polson) open

160-Tel Motichka (Polson) open

171- Josiah Edington (Polson) open

189-Mike Corrigan (Polson) open

215-Isaiah Williams (Polson) open

285- Open


Frenchtown 84 vs Noxon 0

98- Caleb Bagnell (Frenchtown) open

105-Cody Warner (Frenchtown) open

112- Tyler Ishler (Frenchtown) decision Daniel Overman (Noxon) 7-2

119-Jonathan Blanchard (Frenchtown) decision Brady Wilson (Noxon) 9-2

125-Preston Downard (Frenchtown) decision 9-5 Austin Johnson (Noxon) 9-5

130-Ryan Stenerson (Frenchtown) pin Tyler Robinson (Noxon) 5:43

135-Cody Lemons (Frenchtown) pin Will Wood (Noxon) :54

140-Kody Wilson (Frenchtown) pin Luke Crowe (Noxon) 2:33

145-Jack Nerison (Frenchtown) pin Cory Niel (Noxon) 1:14

152-Logan Fisher (Frenchtown) open

160-Doug Walmak (Frenchtown) pin Caleb Fickas (Noxon) 5:01

171- David Anderson (Frenchtown) open

189-Dam Gordon (Frenchtown) open

215-Rand Pritzkau (Frenchtown) decision John Onofrey (Noxon) 2-0

285-Jordan Zuraff (Frenchtown) pin Alan Chojnacky (Noxon) :34



Columbia Falls 46 vs Plains 19

98-Jordon Hughs (Columbia Falls) open


112- Daniel Batt (Columbia Falls) open

119-Haze Bell (Columbia Falls) decision Dusten Henning (Plains) 12-6

125-Russell Kujala (Plains) decision Dalton Nelson (Columbia Falls) 6-2

130-Logan Goodwin (Plains) pin Taylor Mitchell (Columbia Falls) 1:29

135-Colton Sweeney (Columbia Falls) Maj. Decision Jake Lile (Pains) 14-4

140-Troy Meyers (Columbia Falls) open

145-Deian Jones (Columbia Falls) open

152-Joe Deilenne (Columbia Falls) Maj. Decision Ike Schwiekert (Plains) 11-3

160-Gavin Gray (Columbia Falls) open

171- Open

189-Mike Dennison (Columbia Falls) open

215-Wade Motichkia (Columbia Falls) decision Caleb Connolly (Plains) 7-6

285-Ben Gorham (Plains) pin Morgon Totzauer (Columbia Falls) :49


Ronan 60 vs. Deer Lodge 3

98- Open

105- Open

112- Cole Snyder (Ronan) open

119- Trevor McAllister (Ronan) open

125- Connor Rogers (Deer Lodge) dec. Chase Rhine (Ronan) 10-7

130- Open

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) pin Sheldon Danforth (Deer Lodge) 0:39

140- Connor Benn (Ronan) pin Sean Cozby (Deer Lodge) 1:42

145- Kyle Lawson (Ronan) pin Tristen Huff (Deer Lodge) 1:20

152- Quentin Denton (Ronan) open

160- Lauren Christopher (Ronan) open

171- Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Frank Stolp (Deer Lodge) 1:27

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) open

215- Open

285- Timber Schauss (Ronan)




Glacier JV 54, Thompson Falls 23

98- Ryan Danielson (Glacier) pin Lena Babcock (Thompson Falls) 1:13

105- Austin Cheney (Glacier) open

112- Open

119- Open

125- Ryder Day (Glacier) open

130-Dustin Toaves (Glacier) pin Anton Schulze (Thompson Falls) 0:52

135- Donovan Macura (Glacier) open

140- John Gunderson (Thompson Falls) tech. fall Arik Lybeck (Glacier) 20-5

145- Colton Bray (Thompson Falls) pin Romone Saenz (Glacier) 3:59

152- Jake Barstow (Glacier) pin Kyle Milner (Thompson Falls) 0:59

160- Davis Lawson (Thompson Falls) pin Isaac Saenz (Glacier) 0:50

171- Jake Ferkin (Glacier) open

189- John Garrahy (Thompson Falls) pin Colby Arbuckle (Glacier) 3:48

215- Andrew Brester (Glacier) open

285- Eli Horn (Glacier) open


Flathead JV 46, St. Ignatius/Charlo 40

98- Jad Cheff (Flathead) open

105- Morgan Shultz (St. Ignatius/Charlo) maj. dec. Dylan Guzman (Flathead) 13-5

112- Logan DeCock (Flathead) open

119- Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Easton Terry (Flathead) 2:19

125- Daniel Devall (Flathead) pin Koltin Polinsky (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 3:31

130- Cody Settle (Flathead) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 2:16

135- Israel Lafrombios (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Cody Wood (Flathead) 2:53

140- Jon LeGassey (Flathead) open

145- Kole Ehrhardt (Flathead) maj. dec. Kyle Couture (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 14-6

152- Anthony Wright (Flathead) pin Bridger Smith (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 1:05

160- Payton Boyce (Flathead) open

171- Jacen Peterson (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Jake Shaffer (Flathead) 0:44

189- Ethan Goss (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Stephen Karchut (Flathead) 2:47

215- Barrett Sargent (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Riley Leigh (Flathead) 1:49

285- Tyler Spidel (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Taylor Marquart (Flathead) 1:26



Round 4


Drummond 36 vs Thompson Falls 27

98-Chris Carroll (Drummond) pin Lena Babcock (Thompson Falls) 1:00


112- Open


125-Tanner Jenson (Drummond) open

130-Bridler Deschamps (Drummond) pin Anton Schulze (Thompson Falls) :36

135-Tony Bergerson (Drummond) open

140-Colton Bray (Thompson Falls) open

145-John Gunderson (Thompson Falls) decision Ty Pocha (Drummond) 13-11

152-Peydon Prince (Drummond) pin Jake Morton (Thompson Falls) 1:18

171- Davis Lawson (Thompson Falls) open

189-Jogn Garrahy (Thompson Falls) pin Cody Walden (Drummond)  :12

215-Tom Paxton (Drummond) open

285- Open



Corvallis 69 vs Plains 12

98- James Daffin (Corvallis) open

105-Paul Allsop (Corvallis) open

112- Chase Conner (Corvallis) open

119-Josh Venema (Corvallis) decision Dusten Henning (Plains) 7-0

125-Gunnar Fairbrother (Corvallis) decision Russell Kujala (Plains) 10-7

130-Tylor Olsen (Corvallis) pin Logan Goodwin (Plains) :42

135-Jake Lile (Plains) decision Baylee Burt (Corvallis) 4-0


145-Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) open

152-Tucker Jessop (Corvallis) pin Joe Detienne (Plains) 3:44

160-Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) open

171- Sam Burdette (Corvallis) open

189-Monty Jessop (Corvallis) open

215-Luke Channer (Corvallis) pin Caleb Connelly (Plains) 1:17

285-Ben Gorham (Plains) pin Cordell Lott (Corvallis) 1:21


Hamilton 57 vs Noxon 21

98- Open

105-Kris Anderson (Hamilton) open

112- Daniel Overman (Noxon) pin Steven Scheffer (Hamilton) 2:59

119-Coltin Cox (Hamilton) pin Brady Wilson (Noxon)3:37

125- Kyle Lubke (Hamilton) pin Austin Johnson (Noxon)  :44

130-Robert Few (Hamilton) pin Tyler Robinson (Noxon) 1:07

135-Austin Gaswint (Hamilton) pin Will Wood (Noxon) 1:20

140-Easton Albert (Hamilton) decision Luke Crowe (Noxon) 10-9

145- Cory Niel (Noxon) pin Kyle Borgan (Hamilton) 3:06

152-Zach Tompkins (Hamilton) open

160-Caleb Fickas (Noxon) decision James McCormick (Hamilton) 13-10

171- Tyler Scheffer (Hamilton) open

189-Michael Bumgarner (Hamilton) open

215-Philip Whitney (Hamilton) pin John Onofrey (Noxon) 4:42

285-Alan Chojnacky (Noxon) open


Columbia Falls Varsity 76 vs. St. Ignatius/Charlo 12

98- Cameron Goodwin (Columbia Falls) open

105- Cameron Linstead (Columbia Falls) pin Morgan Shultz (St. Ignatius/Charlo)

112- Kaleb Gravelin (Columbia Falls) open

119- Shonn Roberts (Columbia Falls) pin Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius/Charlo)

125- Seth McCall (Columbia Falls) pin Koltin Polinski (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 0:53

130- Josiah Osborne (Columbia Falls) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 0:22

135- Colton Gove (Columbia Falls) maj. dec. Israel Lafrombois (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 19-9

140- Chase Ramberg (Columbia Falls) open

145- Bryan Shaffer (Columbia Falls) pin Bridger Smith (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 0:34

152- Cody Walters (Columbia Falls) pin Kyla Couture (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 1:14

160- Jacob Borgess (Columbia Falls) open

171- Jacen Petersen (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Cameron Peterson (Columbia Falls) 1:00

189- Andrew Burgess (Columbia Falls) pin Ethan Goss (St. Ignatius/Charlo) 1:46

215- Barrett Sargent (St. Ignatius/Charlo) pin Matt Erhart (Columbia Falls) 2:30

285- Spencer Ross (Columbia Falls) pin Tyler Spidel (St. Ignatius) 0:43



Columbia Falls JV 40 vs. Fairfield 39

98- Jordan Hughes (Columbia Falls) open

105- Open

112- Robert Rhodes (Fairfield) pin Daniel Batt (Columbia Falls) 0:18

119- Haze Bell (Columbia Falls) open

125- Cache Giles (Fairfield) dec. Dalton Nelson (Columbia Falls) 8-1

130- Taylor Mitchell (Columbia Falls) maj. dec. Tyler Lekon (Fairfiled) 14-4

135- Colton Sweeny (Columbia Falls) open

140- Ryan Lesofski (Fairfield) pin Troy Meyers (Columbia Falls) 1:42

145- Kyle Snyder (Fairfield) pin Deian Jones (Columbia Falls) 0:44

152- Adam Lesofski (Fairfield) pin Ike Schwiekert (Columbia Falls) 2:50

160- Joel Graf (Fairfield) pin Gavin Gray (Columbia Falls) 2:29

171- Jacob Wagner (Fairfield) open

189- Mike Dennison (Columbia Falls) pin Ty Otness (Fairfield) 1:30

215- Wade Motichkia (Columbia Falls) pin Luke Anderson (Fairfield) 2:28

289- Morgan Totzauer (Columbia Falls) open


Libby 42 vs. Flathead JV 39

98- Jad Cheff (Flathead) open

105- Ty Hight (Libby) pin Lukas DeCock (Flathead) 1:04

112- Dyan Guzman (Flathead) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 2:47

119- Easton Terrio (Flathead) dec. Ian Edwards (Libby) 7-4

125- Zach Crace (Libby) pin Daniel Devall (Flathead) 1:05

130- Michael Ayala (Libby) pin Tyler Eierdam (Flathead) 9-3

135- Skylar Higoreda (Libby) tech. fall Cody Wood (Flathead) 15-0

140- Jon LeGassey (Flathead) pin Tyler Boyd (Libby) 0:09

145- Ricky Roach (Libby) maj. dec. Gaige Triplett (Flathead) 11-0

152- Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Anthony Wright (Flathead) 3:02

160- Payton Boyce (Flathead) pin Alex Yeadon (Libby) 3:34

171- Josh Bowers (Libby) pin Cody Howe (Flathead) 1:12

189- Jake Shaffer (Flathead) open

215- Zach Dolezal (Libby) pin Riley Leigh (Flathead) 1:15

285- Gage Marcum (Flathead) pin Josh McGough (Libby) 2:15


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