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January 7, 2012
By Terry Werner of Columbia Falls High School



2012 Western Montana Duals @ Ronan



Round 1


Corvallis 75 vs Thompson Falls 9

98-Devin Bay (Corvallis) pin Leana Babcock (Thompson Falls) 1:24

105-Chase Connors (Corvallis) open

112- Tylor Olsen (Corvallis) pin Wade Cascon (Thompson Falls) 4:37

119-James DuBose (Corvallis) TFall Lucus Gruwell (Thompson Falls) 16-0

125-John Gunderson (Thompson Falls) decision Tim Allsop (Corvallis) 5-3

130-Calieb Caicedo (Corvallis) open

135-Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) pin Colton Bray (Thompson Falls) 1:32

140-Travis Davis (Corvallis) open

145- Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) major decision Jake Zunino (Thompson Falls) 10-1

152-Devon Williams (Corvallis) pin Charlie Conter (Thompson Falls) :46

160-Sam Buidette (Corvallis) pin Jake Nygaard (Thompson Falls) :46

171-Riley Nagel (Corvallis) open

189-Eric Milner (Thompson Falls) pin Monty Jessop (Thompson Falls) 1:54

215-James Weidow (Corvallis) open

285- Will Pape (Corvallis) pin Joe Bowden (Thompson Falls) 1:54


Polson 60 vs Arlee 30

98-Cody Hadeen (Polson) open

105-Alex Helgeson (Polson) open

112-Carlos Quinnones (Polson) pin Dan Dunlow (Arlee)  :44

119-Dylan Moll (Polson) open

125-Craig Feigtner (Polson) open

130-Cameron Dominick (Arlee) pin Steve Walk (Polson) 3:59

135-Skyler Anderson (Polson) pin Donovan McDonald (Arlee) 1:29

140-Alex Nystrom (Polson) pin Austin Rubel (Arlee) :59

145-Jared Young (Polson) pin Nathan Bertollt (Arlee) 2:47

152- Mike Devlin (Polson) pin Dakota Paul (Arlee) :55

160-Leif Rova (Arlee) open

171-Al Plant (Arlee) open

189-Bubba Burkes (Polson) open

215-Cody North (Arlee) pin Kaleb Auld (Polson) 1:40

285-Josiah Clairmont (Polson) open


Libby 45 vs St. Ignatius 39

98-Gregory Weatherwax (St. Ignatius) open

105-Morgan Schultz (St. Ignatius) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 2:56

112-Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius) open

119-Sach Crace (Libby) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius)1:39

125-Aaron Seedfeldt (Libby) open

130-Scotty Gilleard (St. Ignatius) pin Mitch Haugen (Libby)2:48

135-Casey Nitschke (St. Ignatius) pin Cody Benefield (Libby) 5:47

140-Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Russell Schultz (St. Ignaius) 3:11

145-Kyle Leir (Libby) open

152-Josh Bowers (Libby) decision Steven Bravo (St. Ignatius) 8-5

160-Javen Peterson (St. Ignatius) decision Dylan Berget (Libby) 3-2

171-Robin Kyes (Libby) open

189-Barret Sargent (St. Ignatius) pin Austin Bailey (Libby) 5:27

215-Chadd Anderson (St. Ignatius) pin Gunnar Moe (Libby) 3:29

285- Zach Dolezal (Libby) open


Ronan 54 vs Flathead JV 29

98- Dilan Guzman (Flathead JV) major decision Trey Garcia (Ronan) 17-1

105- Daniel Devall (Flathead JV) open

112- Open

119- Chase Rhine (Ronan) pin Haze Bell (Flathead JV) 4:50

125- Kaleb Lieur (Flathead JV) open

130- Connor Benn (Ronan) pin Gage Triplett (Flathead JV) 0:49

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) open

140- Cole Delaughder (Flathead JV) pin Lauren Christopher (Ronan) 0:24

145- Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Tucker Moe (Flathead JV) 1:21

152- Dustin Goldsby (Ronan) pin Brock Stellar (Flathead JV) 1:18

160- Quentin Dentin (Ronan) open

171- Savas Baier (Ronan) open

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) open

215- Michael Irvine (Ronan) pin Wyatt Pehling (Flathead JV) 1:56

285- Bowen Smith (Flathead JV) pin Timber Schuss (Ronan) 0:22


Glacier 54 vs Hamilton 30

98- Quin Barber (Glacier) open

105- Cody Decker (Glacier) pin Derrick Sisneros (Hamilton) 5:29

112- Open

119- Cody Settle (Glacier) pin Coltin Cox (Hamilton) 5:22

125- Michael Ledford (Hamilton) pin Kevin Talcott (Glacier) 1:18

130- Kyle Lubke (Hamilton) open

135- Lucus Mantel (Glacier) pin Austin Gaswint (Hamilton) 1:08

140- Tanner Stupack (Glacier) pin Michael Pengra (Hamilton) 0:30

145- Grant Tafoya (Glacier) pin Brady Morey (Hamilton) 1:03

152- Isaac Senz (Glacier) pin Donald Thomas (Hamilton) 0:41

160- Zach Tompkins (Hamilton) pin Andrew Wheeler (Glacier) 4:57

171- Michael Bumgarner (Hamilton) pin Dawson Day (Glacier) 1:15

189- Forest Fortney (Hamilton) pin Adam Frandson (Glacier) 1:17

215- Zane Perryman (Glacier) pin Zach Brown (Hamilton) 0:41

285- Clarke Ruf (Glacier) open


Frenchtown 69 vs Plains 21

98- Caleb Bagnell (Frenchtown) open

105- Tyler Ishler (Frenchtown) pin Dustin Henning (Plains) 1:32

112- Russell Kajuke (Plains) pin Preston Downard (Frenchtown) 1:10

119- Carson Waubansee (Frenchtown) open

125- Roy Shutter (Frenchtown) open

130- Cody Lemmons (Frenchtown) open

135- Cody Ishler (Frenchtown) open

140- Kody Wilson (Frenchtown) decision Joe Detieone (Plains) 7-3

145- Doug Womack (Frenchtown) open

152- Kris Beech (Plains) pin Jack Nerison (Frenchtown) 1:56

160- Sam Gordon (Frenchtown) pin Joe Reyna (Plains) 0:24

171- David Anderson (Frenchtown) pin Walker Lamb (Plains) 1:02

189- Rand Pritzkau (Frenchtown) open

215- Jordan Zuraff (Frenchtown) pin Caleb Connelly (Plains) 0:36

285- Ben Gorham (Plains) pin Nathan Bennett (Frenchtown) 1:21


Round Two


Flathead JV 48 vs Noxon 21

98-Duan Guzeman (Flathead) open

105-Daniel Devall (Flathead) pin Austin Johnson (Noxon) 1:08


119-Haze Bell (Flathead)  open

125-Kalieb Leihr (Flathead) open

130-Gage Triplett (Flathead) open



145-Cole Delaughder (Flathead) pin Luke Crowe (Noxon) :31


160-Caleb Fickas (Noxon) major decision Brock Stellar (Flathead) 3-10

171-Zane Onofrey (Noxon) open

189-Gary Wadman (Noxon) open

215-Jeramiah Chandler (Noxon) pin Wyatt Pheling (Flathead) 1:45

285-Bowen Smith (Flathead) pin Taylor Scott (Noxon) 1:40

Thompson Falls 45 vs Superior 9

98-Anthony Parkin (Superior) pin Lena Babcock (Thompson Falls) 4:12


112-Wade Gascon (Thompson Falls) open

119-River Sides (Superior) decision Lucas Gruwell (Thompson Falls) 9-6

125-John Gunderson (Thompson Falls) open



140-Colton Bray (Thompson Falls) pin Bill Loewen (Superior) 3:32

145-Jake Zunino (Thompson Falls) open

152-Charlie Confer (Thompson Falls) decision Tyler Wharry (Superior) 15-9

160-Jake Nygaard (Thompson Falls) open


189-Eric Milner (Thompson Falls) open

215-Joe Bowden (Thompson Falls) open


Drummond 36 vs Plains 24


105-Dusten Henning (Plains) open


119-Tony Bergeson (Drummond) decision Russell Kujaia (Plains) 6-4

125-Matt Robinson (Drummond) open



140-Ty Pocha (Drummond) decision Joe Detienne (Plains) 0-4

145-Peyden Prince (Drummond) open

152-Kris Beech (Plains) pin Levi Burgimirer (Drummond) 1:38

160-Austen Martell (Drummond) pin Joe Reyna (Plains) 1:05

171-Barrett Stanghill (Drummond) pin Walker Lamb (Plains) 1:15

189-Thomas Paxton (Drummond) open

215-Caleb Connolly (Plains) open

285-Ben Gorham (Plains) open

Arlee 36 vs Deer Lodge 17

98- Open

105- Open

112- Open

119- Connor Rogers (Deer Lodge) technical fall Dan Dunlop (Arlee) 21-5

125- Open

130- Cameron Dominick (Arlee) pin Dylan Roselles (Deer Lodge) 1:06

135- Jacob Duerr (Deer Lodge) pin Donovan McDonald (Arlee) 1:10

140- Austin Rubel (Arlee) open

145- Nathan Bertollt (Arlee) open

152- Dakota Paul (Arlee) open

160- Leif Rova (Arlee) open

171- Open

189- Alber Plant (Arlee) pin Colter Lowery (Deer Lodge) 1:26

215- Levi Becker (Deer Lodge) pin Cody North (Arlee) 0:16

285- Open


Columbia Falls 65 vs Hamilton 18

98- Shonn Roberts (Co Falls) open

105- Derrick Sisneros (Hamilton) open

112- Open

119- Seth McCall (Co Falls) pin Coltin Cox (Hamilton) 3:31

125- Micheal Ledford (Hamilton) pin Taylor Mitchell (Co Falls) 0:21

130- Josiah Osborne (Co Falls) technical fall Kyle Lubke (Hamilton) 17-2

135- Adam Richardson (Co Falls) pin Austin Gaswint (Hamilton) 1:57

140- Bryan Shaffer (Co Falls) pin Michael Pengra (Hamilton) 1:42

145- Kohl Thompson (Co Falls) pin Brady Morey (Hamilton) 1:46

152- Travis Provience (Co Falls) pin Donald Thomas (Hamilton) 1:50

160- Jacob Burgess (Co Falls) pin Zach Tompkins (Hamilton) 1:38

171- Josh Folsom (Co Falls) pin Michael Bumgarner (Hamilton) 2:54

189- Forest Fortney (Hamilton) pin Marcus Ross (Co Falls) 2:40

215- Jacob Babcock (Co Falls) pin Zach Brown (Hamilton) 1:10

285- Wade Motichka (Co Falls) open


St. Ignatius 52 vs Florence 18

98- Greg Weatherwax (St. Ignatius) decision Torren Lawson (Florence) 4-1

105- Morgan Shultz (St. Ignatius) open

112- Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius) open

119- Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius) open

125- Cody Edens (Florence) open

130- Scotty Gilleard (St. Ignatius) decision Tanner Lund (Florence) 6-4

135- Casey Nitschke (St. Ignatius) major decision Kody Davidson (Florence) 10-1

140- Russell Shultz (St. Ignatius) open

145- Open

152- Steven Braco (St. Ignatius) pin Noah Sax (Florence) 1:48

160- Jacen Peterson (St. Ignatius) pin Austin Krier (Florence) 5:19

171- Tyler McGee (Florence) open

189- Tanner Cobbs (Florence) pin Barrett Sergent (St. Ignatius) 5:17

215- Chadd Anderson (St. Ignatius) pin Keenen Hendrickson (Florence) 2:49

285- Open


Round 3


Polson 78 vs Deer Lodge 0

98-Cody Hadeen (Polson) open

105-Alex Helgeson (Polson) open

112-Carlos Quinones (Polson) open

119-Dylan Moll (Polson) pin Connor Rogers (Deer Lodge) 3:16

125-Craig Feistner (Polson) pin Dylan Roselles (Deer Lodge) :53

130-Steven Walk (Polson) pin Jacob Duerr (Deer Lodge) :27

135-Skylar Anderson (Polson) open

140-Alex Nystrom (Polson) open

145-Jared Young (Polson) open

152-Mike Devlin (Polson) open



189-Marlin Burke (Polson) pin Colter Lowery (Deer Lodge) :28

215-Keleb Auld (Polson) open

285-Josiah Clairmont (Polson) pin Levi Becker (Deer Lodge) 2:18


Frenchtown 84 vs Drummond 6

98-Caleb Bagnell (Frenchtown) open

105-Tyler Ishler (Frenchtown) open

112-Preston Downer (Frenchtown) open

119-Carsen Wabansee (Frenchtown) pin Tony Bergerson (Drummond) 1:28

125-Cody Lemmons (Frenchtown) pin Matt Robinson (Drummond) 1:04

130-Ray Schutter (Frenchtown) open

135-Zac Kinchloe (Frenchtown) open

140-Cody Ishler (Frenchtown) pin Ty Pocha (Drummond) 1:45

145-Doug Womack (Frenchtown) pin Jacob Jerrell (Drummond) :45

152-Jack Nierson (Frenchtown) pin Levi Burgmeier (Drummond) 1:37

160-Sam Gorden (Frenchtown) pin Austen Martell (Drummond) 1:49

171-Barrett Stanghill (Drummond) pin David Anderson (Frenchtown) :57

189-Rand Pritzkau (Frenchtown) pin Thomas Paxton (Drummond) 1:02

215-Jordan Zuaff (Frenchtown) open

285-Nathan Bennet (Frenchtown) open


Libby 56 vs Florence 12


105-Torren Lawson (Florence) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 3:43


119-Zach Crace (Libby) pin Cody Edens (Florence) :59

125-Tanner Lund (Florence) decision Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) 6-1

130-Mitch Haugen (Libby) pin Kody Davidson (Florence) 4:06

135-Cody Benefield (Libby) open

140-Garret Chapel (Libby) open

145-Kyle Leir (Libby) TFall Noah Sax (Florence) 18-3

152-Josh Bowers (Libby) open

160-Dylan Berget (Libby) decision Austin Krier (Florence) 10-6

171-Tanner Cobbs (Florence) decision Robin Kyes (Libby) 8-1

189-Austin Bailey (Libby) pin Keenan Hendrickson (Florence) 1:10

215-Gunnar Moe (Libby) open

285-Zack Dolezal (Libby) open


Corvallis 84 vs Superior 6

98- Anthony Parkin (Superior) pin Devin Day (Corvallis) 1:24

105- Josh Venema (Corvallis) open

112- Tylor Olsen (Corvallis) open

119- James Dubose (Corvallis) pin River Sides (Superior) 1:56

125- Tim Allsop (Corvallis) open

130- Caleb Caicedo (Corvallis) open

135- Wyatt Loft (Corvallis) open

140- Travis Davis (Corvallis) pin Bill Loewen (Superior) 1:26

145- Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) open

152- Devan Williams (Corvallis) pin Tyler Wharry (Superior) 1:14

160- Sam Burdette (Corvallis) open

171- Riley Nagel (Corvallis) open

189- Monty Jessop (Corvallis) open

215- James Weidow (Corvallis) open

285- Will Pape (Corvallis) open


Ronan 60 vs Noxon 9

98- Open

105- Trey Garcia (Ronan) pin Austin Johnson (Noxon) 0:38

112- Open

119- Chase Rhine (Ronan) open

125- Open

130- Connor Benn (Ronan) open

135- Brandon Dumont (Ronan) open

140- Lauren Christopher (Ronan) pin Luke Crowe (Noxon) 0:50

145- Shelby Grant (Ronan) open

152- Dustin Goldsby (Ronan) open

160- Quentin Denton (Ronan) pin Caleb Fickas (Noxon) 3:29

171- Savas Baier (Ronan) pin Zane Onofrey (Noxon) 3:45

189- Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin Gary Wadman (Noxon) 2:11

215- John Onofrey (Noxon) pin Michael Irvine (Ronan) 3:07

285- Jacob Dean (Noxon) decision Timber Schauss (Ronan) 6-4


Columbia Falls 54 vs Glacier JV 24

98- Shonn Roberts (Co Falls) pin Quin Barber (Glacier) 2:40

105- Cody Decker (Glacier) open

112- Harland Jordan (Co Falls) open

119- Seth McCall (Co Falls) pin Cody Settle (Glacier) 3:15

125- Taylor Mitchell (Co Falls) decision Kevin Talcot (Glacier) 4-1

130- Josiah Osborne (Co Falls) open

135- Lucus Mantal (Glacier) decision Adam Richardson (Co Falls) 8-5

140- Tanner Stupack (Glacier) pin Bryan Shaffer (Co Falls) 3:24

145- Kohl Thompson (Co Falls) decision Grant Tafoya (Glacier) 3-0

152- Colbey Arbuckle (Glacier) decision Travis Province (Co Falls) 7-3

160- Jacob Burgess (Co Falls) pin Isaac Saenz (Glacier) 1:31

171- Dawson Day (Glacier) pin Josh Folsom (Co Falls) 0:31

189- Marcus Ross (Co Falls) pin Adam Frandson (Glacier) 3:47

215- Jacob Babcock (Co Falls) pin Zane Perryman (Glacier) 5:46

285- Wayde Motichka (Co Falls) pin Levi Decelles (Glacier) 1:13


Round 4


Florence 48 vs Noxon 12

98- Open

105- Torren Lawson (Florence) pin Austin Johnson (Noxon) 0:44

112- Open

119- Cody Edens (Florence) open

125- Tanner Lund (Florence) open

130- Kody Davidson (Florence) open

135- Open

140- Open

145- Noah Sax (Florence) pin Luke Crowe (Noxon) 2:15

152- Open

160- Austin Krier (Florence) pin Caleb Fickas (Noxon) 3:20

171- Tanner Cobbs (Florence) pin Gary Wadman (Noxon) 4:59

189- Keenen Hendrickson (Florence) pin Zane Onofrey (Noxon) 0:37

215- J.T. Onofrey (Noxon) open

285- Jacob Dean (Noxon) open


Hamilton 66 vs Deer Lodge 6

98- Open

105- Derrick Sisneros (Hamilton) open

 112- Open

119- Coltin Cox (Hamilton) pin Conner Rogers (Deer Lodge) 4:37

125- Micheal Ledford (Hamilton) pin Dillon Roselles (Deer Lodge) 0:23

130- Jacob Duerr (Deer Lodge) pin Kyle Lubke (Hamilton) 3:27

135- Austin Gaswint (Hamilton) open

140- Micheal Pengra (Hamilton) open

145- Brady Morey (Hamilton) open

152- Donald Thomas (Hamilton) open

160- Zach Tompkins (Hamilton) open

171- Michael Bumgarner (Hamilton) open

189- Forest Fortney (Hamilton) pin Colter Lawrey (Deer Lodge) 0:21

215- Zach Brown (Hamilton) open

285- Open


Glacier 44 vs Polson 42

98- Quinn Barber (Glacier) major decision Alex Helgeson (Polson) 12-2

105- Cody Decker (Glacier) open

112- Carlos Quinones (Polson) open

119-  Dylan Moll (Polson) pin Cody Settle (Glacier) 1:18

125- Craig Feistner (Polson) pin Kevin Talcot (Glacier) 1:20

130- Steven Walk (Polson) open

135- Lucus Mantel (Glacier) pin Skylar Anderson (Polson) 1:16

140- Alex Nystrom (Polson) pin Arik Lybeck (Glacier) 0:49

145- Tanner Stupack (Glacier) major decision Jared Young (Polson) 9-1

152- Mike Devlin (Polson) pin Issac Saenz (Glacier) 0:56

160- Colby Arbuckle (Glacier) Open

171- AJ Robinson (Glacier) Open

189- Dawson Day (Glacier) pin Bubba Burke (Polson) 3:41

215- Zane Perryman (Glacier) pin Kaleb Auld (Polson) 0:44

285- Josiah Clairmont (Polson) pin Clarke Ruff (Glacier) 0:08


St. Ignatius 42 vs Ronan 39

98-Greg Weatherwax (St. Ignatius) pin Trae Garcia (Ronan) 1:05

105-Morgan Shultz (St. Ignatius) open

112-Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius) open

119-Chase Rhine (Ronan) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius) 1:10


130-Scotty Gilleard (St. Ignatius) pin Connor Benn (Ronan) 1:26

135-Brandon Dumont (Ronan) decision Casey Nitchske (St. Ignatius) 7-6

140-Russel Shultz (St. Ignatius) pin Lauren Christopher (Ronan) 1:02

145-Ronny Cullis (Ronan) open

152-Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Steven Bravo (St. Ignatius) 1:34

160-Jacen Petersen (St. Ignatius) pin Dustin Goldsby (Ronan) 5:56

171-Savas Baier (Ronan) open

189-Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin Barret Sargeht (St. Ignatius) 2:45

215-Chadd Anderson (St.Ignatius) pin Michael Irvine (Ronan) :52

285-Timber Schuass (Ronan) open


Frenchtown 75 vs Arlee 6

98-Caleb Bagnell (Frenchtown) open

105-Ryan Stenerson (Frenchtown) open

112-Preston Downard (Frenchtown) Injury default Daniel Dunlop (Arlee)

119-Carson Wabaunsee (Frenchtown) open

125-Ray Shutter (Frenchtown)open

130-Cody Lemmons (Frenchtown) pin Cameron Dominick (Arlee) :38

135-Zac Kinchloe (Frenchtown) pin Donovan McDonald (Arlee) 1:11

140-Cody Ishler (Frenchtown) pin Austin Rubel (Arlee) 1:44

145-Tucker Truett (Frenchtown) decision Nathan Bertoltt (Arlee) 5-3

152-Jack Nerison (Frenchtown) pin Dakota Paul (Arlee) 1:27

160-Sam Gordon (Frenchtown) pin Leif Rova (Arlee) :34

171-Albert Plant (Arlee) pin David Anderson (Frenchtown) 1:17

189-Rand Pritzkau (Frenchtown) open

215-Jordan Zuraff (Frenchtown) pin Cody North (Arlee) 1:22

285-Nathan Benett (Frenchtown) open


Corvallis 76 vs Flathead JV 10

98-Dyan Guzman (Flathead) major decision Paul Allsop (Corvallis) 11-2

105-Chase Conners (Corvallis) Tfall Daniel Devall (Flathead) 17-1

112-Taylor Olsen (Corvallis) open

119-James DuBose (Corvallis) pin Haze Bell (Flathead) 4:48

125-Tim Allsop (Corvallis) pin Kaleb Liehr (Flathead) 4:25

130-Caleb Caicedo (Corvallis) pin Gage Triplett (Flathead) 1:00

135- Wyatt Loft (Corvallis) open

140- Travis Davis (Corvallis) pin Cole Delaughder (Flathead) 1:50

145- Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) technical fall Tucker Moe (Flathead) 17-1

152- Devan Williams (Corvallis) open

160- Sam Burdette (Corvallis) open

171- Riley Nagel (Corvallis) open

189- Monty Jessop (Corvallis) open

215- James Weidow (Corvallis) pin Wyatt Penling (Flathead) 1:29

285- Bowen Smith (Flathead) pin Will Pape (Corvallis) 1:43

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