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Why Aren't Schools Participating?

June 25, 2010
Central SASI

Over the years, Central SASI has had as many as 86 campers and as little as 18.  When each school is permitted to bring 4 student-athletes to camp, why is it that our numbers are so low? 

School participation is lacking.  Is it because the administration does not see the need for our young, future leaders, to learn leadership triats?  Are the administrators feeling good about how each student at their school is resisting the vices of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs?

If every school brought just two student-athletes, the numbers would be 64 and 128 if all of the schools brought four each.  Over the years, some of these schools have never participated, while some have off and on.  Is the problem that of which the adult coach feels that they do not have the time?  Is it that coach does not see the benefit of having student-athletes on their team with problem solving skills, leadership abilities, or having strong moral character?  Does the coach feel that it is more important to get the three days of off season workouts in than it is to mold the student-athlete to become a better person and voice of the school?

I do not understand why, when a coach gets CEU's for attending and a supplement to their paycheck, that they do not participate every year.  Talk to those that participate yearly in SASI and Coach and Captain.  Ask them what it is that drives them to take this time to help build a future leader for other schools, not just their own student-athletes.  Many times the facilitators are their without having a student-athlete from their base school.

With that said, Why can we not get full participation?  Contact your school's administration and tell them you want to become a leader and role model.  Tell them to contact someone on the Central SASI Board.

Hope to see you this summer!

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