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Celina Track & Field Roster  2012  
The Runnin' Women  Grade  Events 
Andrea Bell  12  distance 
Lizz Carr  12  sprints, hurdles, high jump
Hannah Fleck  12  mid distance 
Lexi Mills  12 sprints, hurdles 
Alex Parker  12  sprints, pole vault 
Kacy Stachler  12  sprints, pole vault 
Emily Zender  12  mid distance
Hannah Archer 11 throws
Paige Dorsten  11  throws, long jump 
Angie Evers  11  sprints, hurdles 
Lin Panyasiri 11 hurdles, sprints
Katlin Robinson  11  distance 
Katie Sutter  11  throws, long jump, sprints 
Autumn Brehm  10 throws 
Brittany Brunswick  10  sprints, long jump 
Emily Dorsten 10 middle distance, high jump
Kendra Fennig  10  mid distance 
Kristina Jones 10 throws
Angel Prenger  10  sprints 
Gina Strable 10 sprints, long jump
Maddy Weininger  10  mid distance
Michaela Wenning  10 sprints, hj, hurd, mid dist 
Audriana Adams 9 sprints, hurdles
Erika Axe 9 middle distance
Bekah Carr 9 hurdles, pv, hj, sprints
Jenna Coon 9 distance
Mahaley Durbin 9 throws
Emma Hawkins 9 throws
Megan Imwalle 9 hurdles, high jump, sprints
Renee Robinson 9 distance
Brooke Strable 9 throws, long jump, sprints
The Men     
Logan Laux  12  sprints, hurdles, lj, pv 
Sean Mertz  12  mid distance 
Jared Owens 12 mid distance
Derek Pease  12  mid distance 
Garrett Riesen  12  distance
Collen Byer  11  pole vault, sprints 
Andrew Huff  11  mid distance 
Wyatt Jackson  11  sprints, hurdles 
Mikel Martinez  11  throws 
Zach Mitchell  11  distance 
Kyle Snider  11  sprints, high jump, long jump
Tony Sutter  11  sprints 
Ben Watercutter  11  throws 
Braelen Bader  10  sprints, long jump 
Kyle Balthis 10 sprints
Derek Donovan  10  throws 
Brandon Downey  10  mid distance 
Dylan Gibbons  10  distance 
Alex Giesige 10 throws, sprints
Jacob Gilstrap  10  distance 
Adam Green 10 sprints, throws, pole vault
Jack Hinders 10 pole vault, jumps, mid dist.
Chase Jenkins 10 throws
Branden Jones  10  throws 
Brayden Jones  10  sprints, hurdles 
Louden Limon 10 sprints
Cole Mertz  10  distance 
Dean Miller 10 sprints, long jump, high jump
Mason Miller  10  distance 
Sam Phares  10  pole vault, high jump 
Mason Ross  10  sprints, hurdles, high jump 
Tanner Shindeldecker  10  sprints, high jump 
Ethan Springer 10 sprints
Chad Temple 10 sprints, long jump, high jump
Grant Bader 9 sprints, long jump
Luke Bowsher 9 distance, pole vault
Aaron Crites 9 distance, pole vault
Michael Cron 9 distance
Chad Downey  9 mid distance
Eddie Eichler  9 pole vault, sprints
Nick Marks  9 sprints
Evan Oglesbee  9 throws
Austin Prenger  9 sprints
Cole Stephens  9 sprints, hurdles, long jump
Brennen Bader- sprints, hurdles     
Dave Hucke - throws     
Bill Sell - pole vault     
Eric Wagner - long jump, high jump     
Dan Otten - head coach, distance