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2013 Wrestling Sectional @ Avon High School

January 11, 2013
By Andy Elkins of Cascade High School

IHSAA Wrestling Sectional #25

January 26, 2013

Avon High School



Tourney Director:      Mike Meunier


Schools:                     Avon, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Cascade, Cloverdale, Danville, Greencastle, North Putnam, South Putnam, Tri-West

    A.      Bring to the seeding meeting:

               1.      Official scorebook

               2.      Up-to-date records, stats

               3.      Weigh-in sheets

               4.      Certified actual weight report

   Note:  If a coach does not have the information listed above, his entries will be unseeded.

   B.      Before the seeding begins, we will need each coach to fill out:

               1.      A team entry sheet with individual records

               2.      Phone information sheet in case of inclement weather


   C.      Seeding Criteria

1.       Head to head competition; (The wrestler with the most head to head wins gets the seed. If they have beaten each other an equal number of times, then the winner of the last match get the seed.)

               2.      Record against common opponents

               3.      Prior year IHSAA semi-state quarterfinalist.

                4.     A contestant with the best overall record (winning percentage) who has wrestled at least 10 matches; Most wins prevails. 12-6 beats 10-5.

                   5.       Farthest advancement in previous year IHSAA State Tournament Series;

              6.       Draw by lot / Coin toss.


   D.      We will seed six wrestlers per weight class.


Tickets:                       All tickets are $6.00 (price set by the IHSAA)

sheet will be available for spouses and administrators.


Time Schedule:                        Weigh-in                                   7:30 am

                                    Doors Open to the public          7:30 am

                                    Coaches Meeting                      8:00 am (J110)

                                    Session I                                  8:30 am (4 mats)

                                    Session II                                  approximately 9:00 am (4 mats)

                                    Session III                                 approximately 11:15 pm (4 mats)

                                    Session IV                                approximately 1:45 pm (3 mats)

            Sessions will run consecutively with minimal time allowed between each session.


   Note: Times for rounds are estimated start times and may vary according to speed of

 completion of previous rounds.  Each team/coach/wrestler is responsible for knowing

 match time and location.


Advancement:              The top four place winners in each weight class will advance to the

individual regional at Mooresville on February 2nd.


Scoring:                      The top six places will be scored in each weight class.


Awards:                       Team championship trophy and ribbons for places 1st through 6th in

                                    each weight class.  Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the

                                    next weight class.




Dressing Rooms:         Schools will be assigned to dressing rooms.  Teams will be asked to

                                    share dressing space, so it will be important for each team to secure

                                    their valuables.  Coaches need to monitor their dressing room and are

                                    responsible for the condition of their team area.


Floor Space:              Coaches, wrestlers, managers, and bookkeepers only will be allowed on

                                    the floor.  All fans will be seated in the upper bleacher area.


Concessions:               There will be a concession stand open during the course of the day

                                    serving snacks, drinks, sandwiches, etc.

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