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2012 Concussion State Law Information

July 16, 2012
By Andy Elkins of Cascade High School

New Indiana State Law Affects Concussion Management

With the ever growing research in the area of concussions and the passage of a new state law, the school system is now requiring that all athletes and parents of athletes receive educational information about concussions.

The concussion information is now included in the Hendricks Regional Health Consent Form.  Parents and athletes should read the concussion information carefully and keep for future reference.  Athletes and parents will need to print and sign the required form at the back of the packet acknowledging that they have read the concussion information.  The required signature form must be completed before the student-athlete may begin any athletic activity, regardless of the sport.  It can be turned in with the physical exam form.

We are also working with Hendricks Regional Health <http://www.hendricks.org> , our sports medicine provider, to have student-athletes take a baseline computerized neurocognative assessment named ImPACT. To learn more about the ImPACT test visit here <http://impacttest.com/about/background> .  The baseline test gives a physician a point to compare an athlete's brain activity while not injured.  If a student-athlete were to have a concussion, the test is given again (per physician orders) to determine brain function and compare it to the baseline test.  The ImPACT test is a valuable tool for a trained physician to evaluate a student-athletes' brain status and helps, along with other indicators,  to determine when a student-athlete may return to activity.  Our athletic trainers will work with the coaching staff to schedule a time to have athletes complete the ImPACT testing.

The school corporation has certified athletic trainers on-site to care for the healthcare needs of student-athletes.  Our athletic trainer are educated in the evaluation and treatment of concussions.  The athletic trainer also work directly with Dr. Mark Booher <http://www.hendricks.org/Physicians/Details.aspx?FirstName=&LastName=booher&Gender=&Department=-1&Specialty=-1&Disease=-1&School=-1&Location=-1&Language=-1&Insurance=-1&Board=&KeyWord=&ClinicalInterest=&ResearchInterest=&Affiliation=-1&Group=-1&City=-1&physician=48>  who is the Director of Sports Medicine at Hendricks Regional Health.  Dr. Booher received extensive training in concussion management during his fellowship including training to interpret ImPACT testing data.  If you would like to make an appointment to be seen at his office in Avon, please call 718-4263.       

All of this is being done to make sure that your student-athlete is performing safely during his/her chosen activity. 

If you have any questions please contact, Paul Slover, via email: pslover@mccsc.k12.in.us

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