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Campfire Cafe® returns to RFD-TV this spring with open-fire cooking recipes, tips and techniques to help outdoor enthusiasts turn out gourmet campfire cuisine! After a three-year hiatus the Campfire Crew is back in action, so look for exciting new episodes that will feature both campfire and gas grill cooking instruction. 


“During the last three years, folks have started learning some of the life skills lost to recent generations,” explains show creator and host Pamela Alford. “We believe this may be the reason requests for open-fire cooking advice have increased on our website.” In order to help this new trend gain more momentum, the decision to go back into production was made by the Campfire Crew. “We’ve missed the fun of shooting on location and the interaction with our viewers,” says co-host Larry Wiseheart.  “it’ll be good to be back.”


During previous airings on RFD-TV, the show has featured hundreds of recipes prepared outdoors and cooked over the open fire – everything from Black Forest Ribbon Cake to Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, Roasted Rack of Lamb, Pizza, WonTon Soup, Seafood Jambalaya, and just about everything else one can think of.  “We’ve listened to our loyal viewers and decided to get back in front of the camera, but with a new twist,” says show creator and host Pamela Alford.  In upcoming episodes, Pam and Larry will add a new element to the show by demonstrating how to prepare Campfire Cafe recipes over the open fire and on the gas grill.


Many viewers cook outdoors while camping, but most find it more convenient to fire up the gas grill on a daily basis.  The problem is, menus usually end up consisting of the same grilled meat or vegetable recipes. Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled steak, fish or chicken is awful good, but adding variety will get you cooking outdoors more often. 


New episodes of Campfire Cafe will teach you how to expand your outdoor cooking skills with step-by-step instructions for recipes typically cooked only indoors, outside using a gas grill.  “I rarely cook inside”, says Pamela, “I much prefer to spend time outdoors with everybody else vs. being stuck in the kitchen. So everything normally cooked inside, I cook on the gas grill or open fire – everything.”


The extent that Pam cooks on the gas grill tends to surprise most people, but the grill is simply another source of heat.  Learn to control the heat, as well as what gear is best suited for the grill, and you can cook anything.  So get ready to raise the bar and amaze those you invite to share a meal.  Tune in weekly to Campfire Cafe… proud to be back on RFD-TV!

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