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Please take a moment to read the following letter regarding athletic fields for our children in Bristol.  We encourage you to get involved with this initiative and attend City Meetings.

Thank you.

Fore more information on how you can get involved or to sign the active petition, follow the link below:


Dear Friends,

Many years before we became involved in Bristol youth athletics there was a persistent problem in Bristol; access to field space for programs. Over the years little has been accomplished to solve this problem yet much has been written and many meetings, committees and groups have weighed in on the issue. As my own children were born and growing there was excitement over the possibility of the Roberts Property becoming the answer to many of the city’s needs regarding field space for all programs. As we all know, that plan fell victim to a small group of people and the land is still unused.

Since that time there have been two plans trying to gain steam. One plan calls for a single turf stadium either at the downtown mall site, Roberts property, or a yet to be determined alternative. The other plan calls for three fields in town; one at Bristol Eastern, one at Bristol Central and a third at either the Bristol Soccer Club, Casey Field, or Chippens Hill Middle School. Those two plans will cost approximately the same amount of money. As one of my sons put it, “why build one when you can have three for the same money?” Unfortunately, the one-field plan has more connected backing due to the seeming divide between city property and school property.

The benefits of having multiple fields as previously mentioned will benefit significantly more people in town than a single-field stadium. The Bristol Soccer Club, Bristol Youth Lacrosse and the Bristol Bulldogs would all benefit from the increased use that an all-weather surface allows. Each of the K-8, Middle School and High School students would benefit from the increased use that an all-weather surface allows. At some point or another these would all be the same kids anyway. The all-weather surface would allow for play to occur even on the heaviest of rainy days. Access could be managed easily with coordination between the Parks and Recreation Director and the Director of Athletics for Bristol Public Schools. A single-field stadium would require busing by all school groups and be very difficult for all the aforementioned groups to access with any regularity.

Most communities in our region have appealed to the State of Connecticut with great success to help fund half or all of their all-weather surface projects. These include but aren’t limited to; Plainville, Farmington, West Hartford, East Hartford, Torrington, Cheshire, etc. Why isn’t Bristol next? Better yet, why hasn’t this already happened? We need coordination between our local and state elected officials to advocate for this city. Enough money has been spent downtown or in the West End. The entirety of the city deserves attention in the matter of youth sports and field access/availability.

In the coming weeks and months I hope you will contact your local City Councilor or the Mayor to voice your support for having multiple fields in town. I also hope this is a conversation starter between the various groups in town who would immediately be impacted by a three field gain.


John Stavens


The Board of Directors would like to congratulate our 2015 Head Coaches:

2/3rd Grade:  James Laprise

4th Grade:     Jay Bolduc

5th Grade:     Jeff Babin

6th Grade:     Chuck Conner

7th Grade:     Tom Nichols

8th Grade:     Rod Hickey


Congratulations to the 5th Grade Bulldogs in winning the SYFC Championship against Cheshire 26-13!


Watch the replay of the game here!


Welcome Bristol Youth Football & Cheer Families

As a member of American Youth Football, and the Shoreline Youth Football Conference, Bristol Youth Football and Cheer provides an opportunity for all children regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religious preference an equal opportunity for participation in a safe, competitively balanced and organized setting.


The primary objective of the Bristol Youth Football and Cheer organization is to encourage the youth of Bristol to strive for academic excellence throughout the school year; to practice the ideals of teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness; to develop friendships through a common interest in athletic competition and to learn to accept discipline and direction through adult supervision.


A secondary objective is to develop and improve the football and cheerleading skills of our youth to enable them to participate in competition.


The Bristol Youth Football and Cheer non-profit organization cannot do this alone, we need families like YOU to play the most important role in making this dream a reality.


It is critical for YOU to contribute, to volunteer, and help create this positive, supportive environment in which our children learn and play together. No influence or single factor determines the future success of your child more than YOU. Success is seeing your child develop in areas of self-esteem and self-worth.


We will strive to create and foster a positive learning environment and continue to build our program on the solid foundation of hard work, team work, and discipline.


The very fact your child is out on the field trying, makes them a true champion.


Thank you for all of your support.

Bristol Youth Football and Cheer Board of Directors



   P.O Box 2402

Bristol, CT 06010




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