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Senior Interview

April 18, 2014
Bullitt Central High School

Cody T Manning is a senior at Bullitt Central High school. He is a member of the marching band, archery team and  vocalist in the Youth Worship Ministry at his church. Cody plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University where his will be pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.

What is your favorite memory from marching band? Why?

Every trip we took to Morehead for competition. It was a fun experience each time.

Why is marching band important to you?

Marching band is important to me because it was a great way to make new friends and the band has such a fun atmosphere.

What instrument do you play and why ?

Cody plays the trombone. He chose the trombone in 5th grade when he first began being a member of his elementary school band. Cody continues to play the trombone because it’s one of the instruments that isn’t usually chosen and it’s a lot of fun to play and seeing his improvement from 5th grade encouraged him to keep getting better.

How long have you been in band?
He’s been in band since 5th grade, but Cody has been a member of the Bullitt Central Marching Band for four years.

What would you say to convince an incoming freshman to join the BC Marching Band?Cody said he would tell them about how much fun it is to be around your fellow band members and band director, Rodney Stults. Marching  Band has a very different style of music verses that of other bands, the BC Marching Band has an energetic half time show that is a lot of fun to participate in and also entertains the crowds of sporting events. 

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