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Polls at Boylan Catholic Broadcasting

Name Date Created Votes
What is your favorite winter sport? 11/29/11 36
Do you think the TItans Have a shot at a 3PEAT??? 10/8/12 5
What are your thoughts about the 2011-2012 boy's swimming and diving team? 12/19/11 3
How do you plan on spending your holiday vacation? 12/5/11 4
How happy are you about the Green and White day? 11/18/11 3
Did you donate blood in the recent blood drive? 10/28/11 6
What are your expectations about the Boylan Catholic football team? 10/27/11 4
Do you think that the Boylan Theater group will do a fine job in the new play "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream-coat"? 10/25/11 2
How far will Boylan go in football this year, since they have been moved up a division from 6A to 7A. 10/24/11 5
will you be attending the boylan vs libertyville game this Saturday 10/24/11 4
Are you ready for quarter exams? 10/4/11 10
Will you be attending the Homecoming Game on Friday? 9/28/11 2
What is your Favorite Homecoming Theme? 9/27/11 7
What is your favorite Homecoming Week activity? 9/22/11 22
How often do you visit iHigh? 9/21/11 9
Your favorite club/activity at BHS is... 9/13/11 12
Do you think the Boylan Titans Volleyball team can win the NIC-10 conference title again? 9/13/11 4
What is your favorite thing on iHigh? 9/13/11 2
The Boylan Titans football team plays Guilford tonight at Boylan Highschool. Will you be attending? 9/9/11 9
In Girls' Tennis, who do you think will do the best? 9/6/11 4
What new language would you be most interested in if BHS added it to their curriculum? 8/29/11 7
The Boylan Girls Volleyball team will be playing Hononegah on Tuesday. Will you be attending the game? 8/29/11 7
The Huskies Travel to Boylan. Will you be attending? 8/29/11 3
Will the Titans Dominate the Huskies like they dominated the Indians? 8/29/11 4
Should Ultimate Frisbee be held in the Fall or Spring? 8/29/11 4
Do you think that Boylan Catholic High school's Cross Country team has a chance at winning the Nic-10 Conference? 8/29/11 7
Will boylan repeat as state champions or will they come up short? 8/29/11 5
What are looking forward in the "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" musical? 8/29/11 3
Are you looking forward to watching the dance team at sports events? 8/29/11 1
Whose the best soccer team in the nic ten? 8/29/11 1
On Friday, the Boylan Catholic Football team travels to Hononegah. Will you be attending? 8/23/11 12
What are you doing this summer? 5/23/11 3
This year in Boylan Sports was.... 5/23/11 4
How far will the Lady Titans Soccer team advance in the playoffs? 5/5/11 5
Who do you think will win conference for Girls Soccer? 3/29/11 19
Do you plan to attend any Girls Soccer games this season? 3/28/11 9
Who will win the Boys Basketball Regional at Jefferson? 3/2/11 7
What is your favorite track and field event? 3/2/11 28
Favorite Varsity Broadcaster? 3/2/11 82
Who will win the girls basketball regional at boylan 2/15/11 3
Are you interested for the track season this year? 2/9/11 6
What was your favorite thing that happened in 2010? 2/9/11 6
Will the Boylan Lady Titans make it past the first round of Regionals? 2/9/11 9
What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day? 2/4/11 5
How often do you study for your tests? 1/31/11 6
Nervous for the ACT? 1/31/11 10
What is your favorite kind of music? 1/31/11 8
How interested are you in the upcoming documentary about the Boylan Sophomore Basketball Team? 1/31/11 40
what 's your favorite app on your ipod touch? 1/31/11 4
Who is your favorite Boylan Sophomore basketball player? 1/27/11 32
What is your favorite food to buy at the concession stand? 1/27/11 8
What was your favorite theme day from Homecoming week 10/5/10 8
Who Will Win Tonight's Game? 10/1/10 4
Who is your favorite Broadcaster? 9/28/10 6
Who do you think will conference in Boy's Golf 9/21/10 6
Green Man a success? 9/16/10 41
What is your favorite Boylan Fall sport to go watch 9/16/10 9
How many varsity conference title will Boylan rack up this fall? 9/13/10 13
What is your favorite Fall sport? 7/7/10 2