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Junior PowderPuff Preview

September 29, 2010
By justin frisch of Boylan Catholic Broadcasting

Boylan PowderPuff

Its finally Homecoming week for Boylan High School and that means one thing for most junior girls. Its not the dance, but the PowderPuff game against the seniors. Its their first opportunity to be in the game they have watched for two years. The Head coach for the juniors this year is Mr. Hamaker, the father of player Stephanie Hamaker. The junior boys that are also helping out coach include Nick Adams, Adam Figurine, Micheal Gambino, and Luke Gaffeney.

There are approximately ninety girls participating in the game this year. I got a chance to talk to the junior coaches last week and they had many insightful things to say. I asked if the have enjoyed their first experience coaching the girls and “Its been a great opportunity that we thank god for,” said Adam Figurine. The best part about coaching the girls to Luke Gaffeney was “getting to know them at an athletic and personal basis.” Many of the guys said that a couple girls in particular should put on a show. Luke Gaffeney said ,”Callan Timms can be considered "the white T.O." and is a great wide receiver. Nick Adams said, “Sutton Wester has great speed and agility and should blow by people on the field. The juniors think that they have great speed on defense which should be advantage to them. I did jokingly ask the guys if they had any Boise state plays(trick plays) up their sleeves, and they said it was for them to know and us to find out on game day. They were respectful in the fact that they didn't want to predict a score for the game. The guys seemed like they were having a great time coaching the girls they know and were getting to know. The one thing I really wanted to know from them was what it would feel like after they scored their first touchdown, and Adam Figurine said,” We will feel accomplished as coaches and as fellow of the teamates.”

Roster Junior Girls

QBs: Claire Custer, Klaire Adee

RBs: Sutton Wester, Amber Salis, Cerra A., Maura K.

Wrs: Callan Timms, Kaite Gonder, Stephanie Hamaker.

Kicker: Katie Gonder

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