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Pure Gold Tryouts Bring Out the Best

April 13, 2011
W E Boswell High School

Sara Drinan

As the end of the year comes closer, there are already many opportunities to get involved for the 2012 school year. One of the more popular options is Pure Gold.

Try outs for the 2011-2012 team are coming up soon. Many girls are already starting to prepare with hopes of becoming a member.

Junior Jade Roberts has been on the dance team since her freshman year, and she wants to return because "the friendships gained and all the memories [they] make together. [She] loves watching everyone grow together into beautiful ladies and dancers,"

Tryouts require a difficult dance, a kick sequence, technique, and splits. This demanding tryout racks nerves and ruffles feathers.

"I hope I don't mess up on the dance and embarrass myself!" Kali Totten (10) said.

Pure Gold is an elite team that performs at football games, basketball games, and then, their main focus, competition season. As for Laynie Bear (10) if she makes the team, she "is looking forward to meeting new people and helping the new members,"

Returning members always feel more confident than the girls that are trying out for the first time, but everyone has an equal opportunity to be a part of the team.

"I think it will be a good chance to get involved in school, and all the girls always look like they are having fun," said Kyler Hill(9) who has never tried out before.

The process is a long and tiring one. The participants have four days to learn the routine and perfect everything. Then on the big day comes on the fifth day. It takes hours upon hours to get through all the girls.

"Even though it takes forever to get through every person, being stuck in the locker room with all my friends can be fun," Scarlett Myers (11) said. When the list is posted some girls are left heartbroken, but most are left satisfied and can't wait to be a part of a great experience.

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