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Playing Wide Receiver Like a Pro

April 17, 2012
By Aaron Boone of Boone Brothers Football Camp

Cant make the Boone Brothers football camp? No worries if your a WR you can own the drills for yourself......  www.widereceiverpro.com

Play Receiver Like A Pro!

Do you want to know what the pros know?

Do you want to play like the pros play?

Do you want to know what the top NFL coaches teach their wide receivers?

If so, now is your chance to learn through “The Drills and Skills of the Pros” DVD!

With, Play Receiver Like A Pro, “The Skills and Drills of the Pros” you will instantly be on your way to improving your game using drills that the best NFL receivers do and the best NFL coaches teach! Aaron Boone a former pro receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers, NFL Europe and AFL, walks you through this 60 minute instructional DVD specifically catered to receivers. Aaron along with other pro receivers will give you step-by-step instructions and demonstrations of some of the best receiver drills in football. This DVD is excellent for all ages of aspiring receivers that want to improve their game!

“Learn The Skills and Drills of the Pros”, gives receivers and coaches of all skill levels a thorough understanding of the techniques, fundamentals, and mechanics necessary to excel. This DVD will help improve stance and start, route techniques, route specifics for the hitch, slant, out, curl, dig, post, corner, fade, comeback etc., speed and explosiveness in and out of cuts, catching techniques, blocking techniques, route release vs bump and run, body control, hand-eye coordination, hand and finger strength, center of gravity, arm control, field awareness, and much more.

In addition to the DVD your order will also include a 30-page spiral bound manual complete with an off season Strength and Conditioning plan specific to receivers to have you in peak condition as the season starts. Routines are based off of a Russian Conjugate Method very popular among NFL strength coaches, this means it is divided into upper and lower body days with max effort days, dynamic effort days, and repeated effort days. Its not always just working harder its working smarter too!

Also included is a personalized weight lifting routine disc in an excel file format pre formatted with the workouts; you simply insert your max one rep lift in each category and the file will auto populate the amount of weight you should lift and reps you should lift. Each day simply print out your unique personalized workout tailored to your lifting weight amount and take it to the gym with you for your workout. Also included in the manual and disc is warm up and cool down stretches, conditioning plan, foam roller exercise, healthy diet suggestions, calorie intake info, pre-game meal suggestions, advanced core workouts, along with a number of answers to popular questions of young athletes regarding nutrition, lifting, resting, water intake, vitamins, ideal body weight, muscle building.

Play Receiver Like a PRO is the Complete Wide Receiver Package including:

  • “Learn the Skills and Drills of the Pros”  60 Min Instructional DVD
  • “Train Like a Pro Manual” 30-Page Spiral Bound Workout, Conditioning and Nutrition Manual
  • Disc: Excel File to Print Your Daily Workout; Includes Lifts, Amount and Reps.


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