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USA BMX Rule Changes for 2013

January 5, 2013
BMX Virginia

From: VMP BMX <vmpbmx@gmail.com>
Sent: Sat, Jan 5, 2013 9:39 pm
Subject: [VMP-BMX] USA BMX Rule Changes for 2013


Assuming the weather holds out, we're planning to race Sundays starting NEXT 
WEEK Jan 13 at VMP BMX!

To kick off the new year, there are a few rule updates.

The 2013 rulebook will be available soon, but for now we wanted to
share some of those Rule Changes for 2013:
- Novices of any age cannot race with clipless pedals
- Novices need 10 wins to advance to Intermediate (males) or Girl (females)
- Intermediates advance to Expert with 20 wins as an Intermediate
(rider with 20-24 wins at the end of the 2012 will be credited with 19
wins and advance to Expert upon the next win)
- New 7 & Under Cruiser class
- Cruisers may compete in the Mixed Open and Open classes at nationals
--- Racing in the Cruiser class and also in Novice or Intermediate,
may race 24” bike in the Mixed Open class
--- Racing in the Expert class or only Cruiser & Open that day, placed
in the Open class
(local open rules remain the decision of the track operator)
- Girls Cruiser class will check up two age groups to find a legal, 3
rider class before moving riders to the Cruiser class of their
respective age
- Girls class racers have the choice to race against the Expert class
of their age at single point races only
(request MUST be done prior to sign-ups closing)
- Girls class age groups - Expect to see 15-16, 17-20, 21-25, 26-30
and 31 & Over
- State/Provincial Championship Series:
--- State with 7 or more tracks will now count a rider’s best 4
SCR/PCR scores plus the Final towards overall ranking
--- Rider must race in 6 single point races prior to August 1st, 2013
to be eligible for a state or provincial ranking
--- Riders earn additional bonus point for each single point race ran
prior to August 1st above the required 6 (up to 4 points)
--- State Finals are double state/provincial points
--- Riders earn numbers that they can run and a plate
------- Experts, Girls, Cruisers & Girl Cruisers - blue background and
white number
------- Novice and Intermediate riders, combined - green background
with white number
------- Champions still awarded a backpack
- BMX Canada scores: rider must race 1 USA BMX national for each score
from a BMX Canada national that he/she would like to count towards USA
BMX NAG ranking
- NAG plates awarded to top 20 riders in amateur boys classes - Top 10
NAG riders continue to also receive NAG jackets
- Riders must have 6 scores plus race the Grands to be eligible for a NAG plate

We'll see you at THE track!!

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