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Blue Jay Football Code of Conduct & Team Expectations

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Code of Conduct & Team Expectations
BLUE JAYS train & prepare in accordance with the regiment developed by their Parents, Teachers, & Coaches, while carrying out the expected duties of being a TEAMMATE.  BLUE JAYs focus on the TEAM over themselves.
BLUE JAYS adhere to moral & ethical principles, such as being an honest, responsible, and positive role model.  These qualities lead to the development of strong character & TEAM growth.  BLUE JAYS understand that their actions are a reflection of something bigger than themselves.
BLUE JAYS are entirely committed to the ideas & goals developed by their TEAMMATES, Parents, Teachers, & Coaches, as well as having personal goals that develop the individual in & out of competition.  A BLUE JAY focuses on TEAM achievement.
Conduct & Discipline
Blue Jay football players are expected to follow our Code of Conduct, as outlined, therefore never engaging in any activity that would embarrass their family, their coaches, their school or their team.
Policy for Disciplinary Actions
Disciplinary actions will be dealt with on an individual basis.  Previous disciplinary actions taken against any individual on the team and in school may be considered when punishment is rendered.  Punishments include, but are not limited to the following: extra duty, loss of playing time, and dismissal from team.
Player Game Report Card Policy
Player game report cards are issued on Sundays (through HUDL) to every player who played in the previous game.  The report will consist of two grades, the number of loafs, and when necessary a short explanation.  One grade will be on effective performance, and one grade will be on fundamental performance.  The number of loafs is how many times effort was lacking.  The explanation will tell the player what he needs to improve on. 
Loaf Drill Policy
The loaf drill will be done at the end of practice on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Players with loafs will participate in as many drills as they have loafs.
Loaf Drill
20 yard bear crawl followed by 25 push ups
20 yard butt kicks followed by 25 crunches
20 yard backpedal followed by 25 push ups
10 yard forward roll followed by 25 sit ups
10 yard crab walk followed by a 80 yard sprint back
Extra Duty Conditioning Policy
Extra Duty is a timed one-mile run after practice.  Reasons for assigned Extra Duty include missing practice (excused and unexcused) and disciplinary actions.  Following are Extra Duty rules:
No equipment will be worn during run
A coach will monitor the run and keep time
Players not finishing in the allotted time will run again another day
All offensive and defensive linemen must finish in nine minutes, all other players must finish in seven minutes and thirty seconds
Practice Attendance Policy
Practice is imperative for success.  Players are expected to be at every practice; however, some legitimate reasons exist for missing practice.  Practice absence will be placed in two categories, excused and unexcused. 
The following are considered an excused absence:
Illness that requires a player to miss schooL
Doctor or Dental appointments
Death in the family or family emergency
For an excused absence to be considered excused the player should notify a coach before practice begins.  If they fail to notify a coach it will be considered unexcused. 
NOTE: excused absences require one extra duty per day missed to make up for missed conditioning
Un-excused absences include any other absence not defined above.
NOTE: The Head Coach may grant an excused absence for extenuating circumstances if agreed upon before the missed practice.
Consequences for un-excused absences
First un-excused absence-two extra duties
Second un-excused absence-three extra duties and one-game suspension
Third un-excused absence-dismissal from the team
Absences and tardies will be treated the same way
Classroom and Tutoring Policy
The Washington Football program will allow kids to attend tutoring at all times.  Understand whether the athlete agrees or not if they are required by the school administration to attend they must attend.  There will be excused and unexcused tutoring.
Criteria for excused tutoring
Must be in good standing with the teacher (if poor behavior is causing academic issues the student will not be considered in good standing)
No missed assignments (unless due to excused absence from school
Making up test or assignments (due to excused absence from school)
Needs further instruction from teacher
Athlete must bring note from teacher saying what time he arrived and left
Athlete must arrive on practice field ready to practice no later than fifteen minutes after leaving tutoring
Any other reason will be considered an un-excused tutoring.  EVEN THOUGH IT IS CONSIDERED UNEXCUSED, THE ATHLETE SHOULD STILL ATTEND TUTORING!
Consequences for un-excused tutoring
First un-excused tutoring-one extra duty assignment
Second un-excused tutoring-two extra duty assignments
Third un-excused tutoring-three extra duty assignments and miss one game
Fourth un-excused tutoring-dismissal from team
Practice Expectations
Be on time and ready to go!  Everyone must be on the field by 4pm, this includes anyone visiting the training room to attend to injuries
Hustle at all times.  No walking; jog to all your practice periods and all the way to the sidelines during team periods
No unsportsmanlike behavior is allowed (language, fighting, etc)
Players must encourage other teammates, let the coaches coach
Keep your helmet on and chinstrap fastened and ready to go at all times, unless you have permission from a coach.  You will be removed from the game for at least one play if your helmet comes off on the field of play. 
If you are injured and not allowed to practice you are to be with your position coach during individual time and watching/paying attention during group or team time. 
You will be evaluated at all times in practice.  If you want to improve your position on the depth chart, be productive and effective during practice
Remember, you never stay the same; you either get better or worse!
Training Room Expectations
Student-athletes are only allowed in the training room to treat injuries!
Do not visit the training room to “hang out”, get water, etc
You must inform your coach before you visit the training room.  
Everyone must be at practice at 4pm.  Players that can practice get the first priority in the training room.  If you cannot practice you are expected to be on the field, with your position coach (ON TIME), in workout clothes and practice jersey until the last 45 minutes of practice.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!
Being in the training room does not excuse you from being on time to practice