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    The Commonwealth of Kentucky is a state defined by its history, noted for horse racing and Bourbon Country, the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, bluegrass, blues and barbeque. Its extensive history and central location within the United States plays a major role in why Kentucky is frequently in the headlines. Kentucky has seven bordering states and has more miles of running water than any other state except Alaska. Bounded by the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers west to north and the Appalachian Mountains to the East, the "Bluegrass State" boasts landscapes as diverse as the people who call it home.

   Within its four distinct regions you can find offerings of unique cultures, characteristics and traditions. Each week, Kentucky Farm Bureau?s Emmy Award Winning program Bluegrass & Backroads travels the less cosmopolitan areas of Kentucky capturing on film its enduring agricultural heritage, its intriguing people and its unique locations. Why would rural America be interested in Kentucky? Well, the state had 84,000 farms in 2005 and in 2004 set a record for farm income with $4.13 billion. Horses were the leading source of farm income for Kentucky farmers, followed by broilers, cattle, tobacco, soybeans and corn. Kentucky is the leading beef cattle state east of the Mississippi River and is eighth in the nation overall. It is seventh in broilers and in the top 20 in goats, dairy cows, swine and chickens other than commercial broilers. The television program is dedicated to displaying the folks who make a living
in Kentucky. Two talented men of Bluegrass and Backroads- that?s right, there?s just two of them- write, edit and host the program. So be sure to join them, Bob Shrader and Matt Hilton, as they search for stories along the roads of the Bluegrass State, discovering its people, culture and rural charm.

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