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What do you think about the show Bad Girls Club and how does it affect you?

May 16, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy


Taylor Guthrie- it’s very interesting. Umm, it’s funny to watch!  It’s just like Real Housewives of Atlanta. There’s a lot of fights on both shows. I mean, they‘re bad. Bad girls club go clubbing out of town and everything and they do what they want to do. And it doesn’t affect me in any way.

Bre Harris- I think Bad Girls Club is dumb and interesting, but I am very hooked on it and how every girl on the show fights. It’s funny, but that’s the main show that I watch every Tuesday. They go partying, out of town, but I don’t really think it affects me.

Ravon Wilkins- Bad Girls Club is just not about how every girl on the show fights each other. The point of the show is for the 7 girls to get alone and work their problems out.  It does affect me because I use to act like that with all of my friends.   But overall, the show is good and I like it.

Josh Johnson- I don’t watch the Bad Girls Club, but all I know about it all the girls are cute.   And I know that all the girls fight over something so dumb.

Azura Gregory- Bad Girls Club is the bomb. I watch it every Tuesday at 8 to 9. That’s my show. I make sure that I record and watch it at night. All I care about is the fight and the other things they do. It’s funny how the girls fight.  I wish I was on the show. But no, I don’t think it affects me.  Maybe, I don’t know.

T.J Kelly- Those girls on the Bad Girls Club are fine, and I wish I was on there.

Jayda Kelly- it’s funny, it has a lot of drama, and I watch it every week.  I guess they came to the house to better themselves but always end up with drama.  It doesn’t affect me; it’s just funny. I don’t like the girls who talk about the other girls. And some of the girls think they are hard, but they are not, I don’t like that.

However, there are others who question the show’s impact on girls.

Madison Cox- I don’t watch the Bad Girls Club, and I don’t know what the show is about. Someone told me to watch it but I think its lame.  No girls want to be on T.V showing their butts and getting drunk. That’s nasty

Maribeth Gambrell- Bad Girls is retarded.  It has no purpose I can see.  I think watching this show could affect girls to act like that, to want to be something they’re not, and to look up to people like that as role models – when they shouldn’t.

Some adults see some benefit in the show.

Mr. Tucker- Bad Girls Club is showing girls watching it to not act as they do.  However, I think they should not have T.V shows like that on Oxygen.  But, overall, I see nothing bad about it.

Mrs. Young- I have heard about bad girls club.  My kid talks about it all the time. I hear good and bad things about the show and the 7 girls on it.  I would say that the show is pretty good, and it’s letting girls know that fighting or gossiping doesn’t solve anything.

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