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Is the Illuminati real?

May 13, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Question:  Do you believe that the celebrities in the music industry have a connection to the Illuminati?


Cade Paz- Yes! They’re Illuminati puppets.  The Illuminati control their every move and decisions.

Haron Palmer- Yes, because the majority of them are in the Illuminati and just want money.

Tamayaa Kelley- Yes, they’re all in different groups and they’re always throwing up symbols.

Aaron Deck- Usually yeah, because everybody has a connection to Jay-Z.

Raven Wilkins- I do because everybody wants to have money and be famous, so they have to do something to get to the top.

Legacy Foster- I feel like they do because they want control, power, and money, and that’s basically what the world is rotating around . . . money and power.

Timyas Cohen- Celebrities do associate with the Illuminati; it’s really hard to name one celebrity that’s not in the Illuminati.

Aaron Watson- I think so because when the fame and fortune come around, it can make a person really change and can cause them to get in that situation.

Kianna Phillips- Money rules everything around us, so it’s not hard to believe that they are involved with the Illuminati.  That’s why I always say I would rather be rich than famous.

Travis Jones- I do think so because they have to do something to get where they’re at today.




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