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EOCs are coming soon

May 7, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Byrnes Freshman Academy’s (BFA) End-of-Course tests are coming up soon; the tests will be given the week of May 19-22.

The EOC will count 20% of each student’s final grade. If a student’s class is not required to take an EOC, they will still be taking an exam that will also count for 20% of that class’s final grade.

English I, Algebra I, U.S. History, and Biology takes EOCs in high school.  English 1 and Algebra 1 will be the only classes at BFA taking the EOCs this year. 

Mrs. Scott suggested, “Some tips for the test are take your time because it’s not a timed test, and read the questions before the passage so you know what you’re looking for.”

Kinsley Burke, a student at BFA who took the English and Algebra EOCs already, stated, “Make sure on the English you read everything carefully, and on the math you check over your work.”

Savannah St Peter, a student at BFA, said, “Studying and study guides help a lot to be able to focus for the EOC.”

South Carolina’s EOC average for English I is 78; algebra’s average is 81; biology is 81; and U.S. History is 73.

The District Five Schools average for English I is 80, algebra is 85, biology is 83, and U.S. History is 73.

BFA’s average for English 1 is 78, which is the state average.  The algebra average of 87 is above the state’s.  U.S. History is 82.

Kinsley also said that the test was not completely easy but was not hard either.

Savannah thought that the EOC for “each class varies.”

Caden Duterte, a student from BFA, said, “I’m not really nervous about the EOC.” He also stated that he was taking the Algebra 1 EOC and thinks he will do “okay” on it.

Tommy Johnson, a student from BFA, said that he is nervous a little bit and just hopes he will do well on it.  Tommy concluded, “I think I’ll do well on it.  I don’t think it will be that hard.”         

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