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A new law restricts the use of a phone while driving

May 6, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

You’re late for work in the morning and rushing to make it on time. After driving down the road in traffic for a few minutes, you realize there is no way you will be on time to work.

You pull your phone out to call your boss and aware him of your tardiness. As the phone is ringing, you hear loud police sirens behind your car.

“Ma’am, are you aware of the law banning the use of a cell phone while driving?” the policeman asks you.

 A new law was put into effect on February 10th, 2014 in Greenville, SC.  The law states that it is prohibited to use an electronic communication device while operating a vehicle.

However, the law allows public safety personnel, such as police officers or firefighters, to use their phones if it is for the purpose of their job.

The few exceptions to the rule are if a person is legally parked, if the phone is being operated with hand free usage, or if a driver is reporting an emergency or a crime.

For the first offense, a driver must pay a $100 fine. If the second violation takes place within a year of the first, the driver is to pay a $200 fine.

For the third or more violation, there is a $300 fine.  The penalties do not include the court costs.

Not using a cell phone in the car is “not convenient for people’s daily schedules,” Savannah St. Peter, student at Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA), stated.

Katarina Reichardt, a student at J. L. Mann H.S. in Greenville, thinks that people should be allowed to call, use GPS on their mobile phone while driving, or text at a stoplight.

It is rumored that Greer, South Carolina, is currently in the process of passing the same law.

According to Andrew Shain with The State newspaper, the only state in the South that has not passed a texting ban is South Carolina.

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