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People that walk slowly in the halls drive me crazy!

May 6, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Have you ever been walking down the hall and the person or people in front of you are just walking so slowly that you feel like you’ve been behind them for the longest time?

Or you just get so mad that you try and walk past them, and then they speed up?  That just irks me to the core! It gets on my nerves so much that I just want to be like “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

The bad thing is that everyone walks in groups that take up the whole freaking hallways! So you can’t get past them or around them until you get to a different hall to turn onto!

I am trying to get to my class on time and they’re going to just walk so slowly that I can’t get there on time?  I am not going to be late just because somebody wants to take their sweet little time walking down the hall.  We all know their legs can move faster!  This is especially ironic because so many of them are athletes. 

And to all you guys out there who sag your pants all the way to the ground, that might be why you can’t walk!   Do you think everyone really wants to see all that when they are stuck behind you?!   So for future reference pull up your pants, so you can walk faster.

And for all of you who are just plain slow, speed up.

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