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Why do you believe the obesity rate is increasing? Who is to blame for this?

May 2, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Mr. Tucker: “Combination of lack of physical activity and too much use electronics.  Hormones and the steroids in the food play a big part in getting obese.”

Zion Hackett: “Too many restaurants that don’t supply much fruits and vegetables, I blame the big industries like KFC, Bojangles, and McDonalds.”

Cymphony Glenn: “I think the obesity rate is going up very high because teenagers just come home and eat and never exercise like they are supposed to.  It’s the teenager’s fault that they are getting fat.”

Jordan Davis: “There are a lot of people who don’t get active enough, and it’s the people’s own fault for their weight.”

Travis Jones: “People like to eat burgers, and it’s like a drug and they get addicted to it.  I blame all of the fast food restaurants.”

Jahlil Drummond: “The people are eating too much fast food!  It’s the people’s eating own fault!”

Daybrien Mattison: “They play too many games, eat too much, and they don’t go outside.”

Tamayaa Kelly: “They don’t exercise properly, and it’s the own peoples fault for the obesity.”

Josue Martinez: “I blame McDonalds!  This country is full of McDonalds!”

Quiauna Wood: “The people aren’t eating healthy.  I blame the people’s parents!” 

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