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The cell phone ban is restricting our rights

April 29, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

On Tuesday, April 1st, a law banning the use of any cellular device while operating a vehicle was put into effect.  A person may use a phone if he/she is legally parked or if the phone has hand-free usage.

I completely disagree with this new law. I understand banning texting and driving; however, not being able even to hold your phone is a little overboard.

I agree with making texting and driving illegal. Texting requires looking down at your phone, which means you are not paying attention to the road in front of you.

On the other hand, calling requires looking down for only about two seconds to dial and two seconds to end the call. The rest of the time you are looking up at the road.

Smart phones will dial for you if you tell it whom to call, so some people do not even have to look down!

However, if you are seen with a phone up to your ear, you will receive a ticket. This does not make sense.

If you did not look down to dial, and you are looking at the road while you are on the phone, what’s the problem here? I do not see a distraction.  

What has not seemed to be taken into consideration is that phone calls can be very important.

When people are in a hurry and need to make a call, they cannot just park somewhere while they talk. They need to keep driving while they make the call to ensure that they get to their destination in time.

Also, a phone GPS can talk to you, so that is not much of a distraction either.

The only time someone may need to look down at their phone while using the GPS would be to clarify what it just told them. But even that does not take enough time to cause an entire wreck.

Is looking down to read the Map Quest directions while driving an improvement?!

When I say that it does not matter if people look down at a phone for a second, I am not saying that the few seconds cannot cause a wreck; it is definitely possible.

Then again, neither of these things is any more of a distraction than using a regular GPS, changing the radio station, or stopping your baby from crying.  Are we going to ban crying babies in the car now??

I think that calling and using your phone for directions are both fairly safe while driving.

Although I see the good in the law, I mostly disagree with it. It is not fair at all, and it does not make much sense to me.

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