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Video games help more than hurt

April 29, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Violence in video games has been on the rise, but surprisingly, crime has gone down. Statistics say that the more video games sold, the lower the crime rate in the U.S.  I think video games are actually useful and beneficial for young people.

Back in the 1990s, some asserted that video games and crime were related. However, the latest research is arguing against that premise.

According to Dr. Rick Nauert at psychcentral.com, researchers say that video games actually have a very slight calming effect on youth.

However, according to ‘electronics.howstuffworks.com’,  two cases happened of video game violence making people kill in the U.S. in 1997. The next reported incident happened in 1999 in Colorado.                                                                   

That is not enough evidence to prove that violence in video games causes a lot of crime in the world. Most people who are negatively impacted by the video game and actually become violent, such as killing another person, should get mental help.  The game did not kill anyone; the person did.

Video games teach some valuable lessons, such as knowing what to do during a crisis.

According to U.S. Army website at www.army.mil, in 2007, Paxton Galvanek used his video gaming to save a life.  He played the video game America’s Army,  and used the medical training in the game.  The website said the game “rivals” real EMT training. 

Later, when Galvanek saw an SUV actually lose control, flip upside down, and start to emit smoke, instead of waiting for the police,  Galvanek stopped his car and rushed to help the SUV.

Despite Galvanek’s not having any medical experience or training, he pulled the passenger out of the car, used a towel to stop the man’s blood loss, and then tried to lessen the blood flow by lifting the man’s arm above his head, as he had seen in the video game.

There are many other incidents of video games saving lives, including a twelve year old kid saving his sister from a moose attack by doing things he learned from the game World of Warcraft.

Video games, in general, have more advantages in the real world than they do disadvantages. A few people get negatively impacted by the violence and go on a rampage, but there are more people that use the lessons taught in video games to save lives.

Imagine that:  a video game could save a life.

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