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Byrnes Freshman Academy students play faculty in a basketball game

April 17, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

The students and faculty of Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) will be playing against each other and will be raising money for charity on Friday April 4, 2014.

Coach Pitt, referee for student faculty game, said, “We do this game to raise money for Relay For Life”  He also bragged humorously, “My shot is very accurate and I don’t shoot, I make.”

He asserted, “I’m pretty confident we are going to win.”

Students and faculty are both very sure of their victory over the game. Mr. Tucker, a teacher playing in the game, said confidently, “I’m game ready and stay ready.”

He explained his play style, “I’m a team player.  I’m the best pass player.  I’m not a shooter; [however], ever since I broke my wrist.”

Mr. Hilderbrand, teacher at BFA explained the purpose of the game, “We do this game to raise money and help people in need.”

 He also added seriously, “Back in high school they called me Sniper.”

Students not playing in the game are also ready to see the outcome. Chris Harris, student at BFA anticipated that “We get to see if we have any athletic teachers.”

Students participating also have their own opinion on the game’s outcome.  Braxton Mills, student playing in game, said, “Of course we will win.  We haven’t played together in a while but we should be all right.”

 Braxton Mills also said, “I was the best 3 point shooter on the team.”

Patrick Murphy added, “I was the best shooter on the team.”

Students are very confident that they will win this game.  Hayden Mitchem, student playing in the game guessed the score and said humorously, “73 to 72 with me hitting the game winner.  I’ve been ready my whole career of basketball for this game.”

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