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BFA hosts a powder-puff football game

April 4, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

A powder-puff football game was held at Byrnes Freshman Academy as a fundraiser for Relay for Life on March 31st. The girls were the players and the C-Team football players were the coaches.

Teams 3 and 4 (team 34) won the game with a score of 25-20. The team consisted of only five players total.

Teams 1 and 2 (team 12) had a larger team in comparison to team 34; however, the smaller team still managed to “fight” for a win, Jake Bentley, one of the coaches for team 34, stated.

Jake was very nervous to see that fewer players showed up during the game than they did for practice.

“I walked in, and it was like David and Goliath,” Jake admitted.

For team 12, the tables were turned as far as the number of players at the game vs. the number of players at practice.

Patrick Hayes, a coach for team 12, said that more players showed up to the game than at practices. He found it “embarrassing” that his team lost against a team of five.

Patrick Hayes argued, “I think we lost because of the referees,” which were football coaches, Coach Bunton and Coach Crowe.

 “Honestly, I think the other team didn’t think we had a chance,” Jake Bentley confessed. 

After his win, Jake also commented that it was “great seeing all the girls smiling.”

Patrick Hayes thought that his team would win because the girls would be “well-rested,” since they had players that could take a break. Team 34’s total of five players were forced to play all four quarters of the game.

Patrick agreed with Jake in that it was “different” switching from a player to a coach. The boys also agreed that the girls they worked with listened when they tried to teach them something.

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