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At Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) many students miss the pep rallies

March 28, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

The administration has not had a pep rally for the years of 2013-2014 at BFA because of discipline issues.

The students get “too hyped” and “boosted” in school, according to Mr. Jackson, so administration decided that the school will not have a pep rally unless it is an important game.

Taylor Guthrie suggested, “BFA probably thinks we can’t handle it.”

According to some, the outlook for a future pep rally is grim.

Mrs. Burnett said, “Honestly I don’t know when we will have a pep rally.  I’m hoping we might have one towards the end of the school year.”

But Taylor Guthrie, student at BFA, is pessimistic, “We will never have a pep rally.”

Tapanga Nesbitt, another student at BFA, agreed, “The school will never let us have a pep rally.”

Mr. Jackson, vice principle at BFA, explained the situation, “We haven’t played a big game for us to have a pep rally.  We never will have a rally until we have a big game.”

Mr. Jackson also said, “Pep rallies give students a boost, makes them get wild.”  He elaborated, “We only have pep rallies for homecoming or homecoming games.”

Quiauna Wood, student at BFA, felt that “The administration thinks that because we’re a one-year school that it really doesn’t matter for the school to have a pep rally, but it does.”

Mrs. Burnett advised, “If the students feel strongly about the pep rallies they should speak up and talk to administration.”

According to Global Post (everydaylife.globalpost.com), a pep rally is designed to generate school spirit and spark unity within a school community.  Pep rallies create an environment of enthusiasm and will increase attendance at the game in support of their team.

During a pep rally the atmosphere is loud and enthusiastic, or “boosted” as Mr. Jackson described it.  The rally motivates students to participate.  After a pep rally, students feel uplifted and enthusiastic about their school’s team and the upcoming contest.  Hopefully, the students are inspired to make plans to attend the event.

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