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The end of the school year dates have changed for District 5

March 26, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

The snow make-up days are cutting down on students’ summers.

According to the Spartanburg District 5 website, “Monday, June 2, will now be a makeup day for students and staff in District Five, due to time missed from inclement weather earlier this year.  Students and staff should report to school on this day. Thursday, May 29, will now be a FULL DAY for students. Friday, May 30 and Monday, June 2nd, will now be HALF DAYS for students.”

Therefore, the dates for exams have also moved to the two half days. On Friday, May 30, third and fourth period exams with be held, and first and second period exams will be on Monday, June 2.

In addition to district 5, districts 1-7, all the districts in Spartanburg County, will also attend school on June 2 to make up for the lost days.

The teachers’ work day was previously scheduled for Saturday, May 31; however, due to the new calendar, they now must come to work on Tuesday, June 3. The teachers’ summers are impacted much more than they originally planned, causing a few scheduling conflicts for some of them.

Dr. Miles, a teacher at Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA), is in a dilemma due to plans that she already had in place for the first week of June.

Dr. Miles’ daughter is traveling to Italy for her anniversary and needed Dr. Miles to babysit her child. Now that Miles is required to go to school, she cannot keep her granddaughter.

Her daughter is also a teacher in this county and is struggling to work out the extended summer schedule.  She had already booked the trip to Italy and is now in a quandary.

Many students at BFA are very upset with this change.

“It’s pointless for us to come for one day and it’s a Monday, so hardly anyone will be focused in the first place,” Savannah St. Peter ranted.

Kylie Burger, Tommy Johnson, and Noel Wylie, students at BFA, agree with her.

According to an article by Zach Fox on goupstate.com, “Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill into law, allowing school districts to forgive any missed days beyond the three required make-up days inserted into school district calendars.”  June 2 is district five’s 3rd snow make-up day, which is the reason for the extension into June.

The districts have already made up two of the three required make-up days: one on February 17, and the other on March 14. 

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