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Twitter causes drama

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

At BFA, students here have an account or social media called “Twitter.” Twitter is a social media site where a person can tweet about his/her life or thoughts with the limit of 140 characters, which appears in 1-2 sentences.

Thaila Williams, student at BFA, said, “People can get on Twitter whenever they want to, I don’t see what the big deal with twitter is, and twitter does have a lot of drama. There’s drama on twitter almost every day, but some of the things are funny to me.”

She admitted, “I do have a Twitter and Instagram. I don’t get on it like everyone else does. I’ll say I get on it 3 days a week.”

Myianna Gist, student at Byrnes Freshmen Academy, said, “The only reason why I get on Twitter is to socialize with people that I haven’t talk to in a long time and to talk to some really cute guys that I may be getting with. “

She agreed that “Twitter has a lot of drama. I wouldn’t say there’s drama on Twitter everyday but once a day probably. I think Twitter is lame and dumb; there’s not point of it. Twitter causes people to fight and leads them into getting in trouble. Another reason why I get on Twitter is to see funny tweets of what people are saying.”

Matthew Knell, a blogger on Yahoo.com, said, “Twitter has a problem I don’t understand what it is for. Twitter has 250 million users people don’t need to know my business or what I put on Twitter Instagram or Facebook.  That’s why all my things or stuff is private. I hate Twitter it causes a lot of problems and the people who made it should be ashamed of their self.”

Mr. Jackson, assistant principal at Byrnes Freshmen Academy, said, “I don’t not know what Twitter is for and I do not have a Twitter, or Instagram, or whatever you students are using for social media. I do not know why you use Twitter and I do not know what a tweet  is. I do not use Twitter, but Byrnes and little Byrnes do have Twitter accounts. I think drama comes from Twitter, and when drama comes the fights come.”

Yahoo’s website says, “Twitter UK's managing director has told Sky News cyber bullying is not just a one website problem and his company is working hard to clamp down on bullies. Along with Facebook and Ask FM, Twitter has also been linked to the suicides of bullied school children, but Mr. Dailey said it is difficult to stop abuse from happening.  The social network . . . has been linked to some high-profile cases of online bullying.” 

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