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Physical education has impact on students grades and behavior

May 13, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Students that are getting more active improve their learning ability and do better in school. Across America students are taking PE every day and are proven to have better grades and behavior.

Students at Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) are impacted by PE, according to Jordan Davis, student at BFA, “I like a physical education, it helps me stay fit and helps relieve stress outside of school.” 

School also pushes students to do better so they can play sports. According to Patrick Hayes, student at BFA, who said, “If I don’t do well in school, I won’t be able to play football.”  He also said, “It helps me stay active and since I have PE 3 I am working out every day.” 

Mr. Tucker, ISS teacher at BFA commented, “Your physical health is important to your overall health and happiness.” He added, “If you are healthy, there is less distraction.”

According to an article from USA Today, experts say that recess improves student’s behavior and PE helps students do better on tests.  It is also said that PE can improve attention span and that none of the research shows a negative impact on the students.

Being active is helpful to retain new information better.  According to an article from New York Times, a test on 5th grade students showed that kids who run around 10 minutes before a test performed better than kids who were inactive. 

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