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Freshmen are going to RD

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

R.D Anderson is allowing freshman at BFA to take classes on the premises next year with the reasoning that it gives them more opportunities to experience hands-on learning.


R.D Anderson is an applied technology center that provides high school students with the skills necessary to prepare them for a successful career in an ever- changing work place. R.D Anderson has been named a Palmetto Gold School for 9 years.


Mrs. Childers, guidance counselor at BFA, said, “We are opening R.D.A for freshman next year because it will give them more opportunities to explore careers.”


 Mrs. Childers stated that the only classes freshmen cannot take next year will be architecture design, entrepreneurship, cosmetology and culinary arts; they are allowed to take any of the other classes at R.D Anderson.


Morgan Beck, a student at BFA, said, “It’s not fair that they are allowing the freshman to go next year since the freshman class didn’t get to go this year.”


Morgan also stated that “it puts the freshman who didn’t get to go this year and are going next year behind in our education there.”


Noel Wylie, another student from BFA, disagreed with letting freshman attend because “our class didn’t get to go this year.”


However, Condilee Cooley, a student at D.R Hill Middle School, said, “I feel like it’s a good opportunity for everyone to be able to try what they want and go ahead and get some college credits.”


Condilee also stated that she was going to R.D Anderson to take the course for law, public safety, corrections and security.  She said, “I am glad they are opening it up to us next year.”


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