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Students claim their brains respond to music

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

At Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA), students are just like the thousands of teens all over America.  They love their music.

Mr. Tucker, staff member at BFA, believes, “Some people focus more when they listen to music, while some get distracted.”

Student Legacy Foster at BFA said, “It helps me remember.” 

“Rap, Hip-hop, and R&B,” a fellow student Jahlil Drummond asserted, “helps me focus.”

Jahlil Drummond, another freshman, said, “It affects me positively.”

Mr. Tucker thinks, “Sometimes it relaxes your mind, calms you down, puts you in a better mood.”  He went on, “It can be both positive and negative depending on the song and lyrics.”

Scientific studies of music therapy, according to UNC Charlotte and University City (uncc49er.com), have shown that music can help students relax their minds, which helps students concentrate better. This relaxation and focus is called the “Mozart effect.”  Music cuts down on distractions and can help students focus on their work.

The types of music that help a student study, according to UNC, is Baroque classical music, modern electronic, and Eno’s “music for Airports.”


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