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Animals endure captivity

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Animals suffer in captivity, whether it is for research or human pleasure.

At Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) a couple of staff members and students here said that they dislike animal captivity because it hurts the animals and it will harm them in some way.

Mr. Jackson, assistant principal at Byrnes Freshman Academy, said, “Captivity is not right or fair to the animals, because animals should be kept in their natural homes not with other animals to entertain them, or the people.”

Miayunna Gist, student at Byrnes Freshman Academy, said, “It’s not important, but it’s harmful and cruel. Captivity is a bad thing because they are harming the animal and forcing their habitat where it’s not supposed to be.”

Tapagna Nesbitt, student at Byrnes Freshman Academy, said, “Animals need a place to stay; I agree with captivity on this one. But when I see what they are doing to the animal, I feel really bad because animals need to be free just like humans.”

Mr. Tucker, student at Byrnes Freshmen Academy, said, “Animals need to be free. Mostly captivity’s not good. I think the people protect them from their prey in captivity, but animals are meant to be animals.”

“Some people capture them for selfish reason because they want them as pets. I feel a little for animals’ captivity.”

According to Education Reform animals in captivity do not grow and develop as they would in the wild physically or socially.  

According to Whales-World, animals in captivity allow children and adults to see these amazing creatures. It allows them to open up their minds to what needs to be done in order to protect them.

However, not everyone approves of this, though. PETA, for example, does not believe it is right to keep these whales in captivity for such purposes.

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