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Alternative schools have an impact on students at BFA

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Alternative schools are another option for students who have broken serious school rules.  They are an alternative to expulsion.

When students are sent to an alternative school, they get sent to Myles W. Whitlock Flexible Learning Center in District 7, Spartanburg, SC.  ADDRESS

Students can get sent there very easily according to Mr. Jackson, assistant principal at BFA, who said, “I send a lot of kids there.  All I have to do is sit at my desk and call Mrs. Justice, guidance counselor at Whitlock Flexible Learning Center.”

Mr. Jackson called Mrs. Brady in the front office to show how easy it is to fill out a transfer paper to go to an alternative school.   Mrs. Brady said, “It takes me less than an hour to do the transfer work.”

Mr. Jackson also said with disappointment, “I sent two people to alternative school in a week!”

“No after school activities are allowed while in alternative school at all!” Mr. Jackson said.

He also detailed what they are and aren’t allowed to wear saying, “They have to wear white shirts that are tucked in, khaki pants, and no flip flops!”  

Mr. Tucker, ISS Teacher at BFA, said, “Alternative schools serve as a deterrent to regular school students who misbehave.”   Mr. Tucker explained that the reasons students go to alternative school “for a variety of offenses, like fighting, drugs, or violation of school property.”

Alternative schools have different and stricter rules than what students are used to doing in District Five Schools of Spartanburg County.  According to Mr. Tucker. “They have metal detectors over there, and if they get in trouble over there, they may end up in a juvenile prison.”

In Whitlock Flexible Learning Center in District 7, students are allowed to take high school courses to suit their individual learning ability.  Whitlock also provides community service program and character education for students attending Whitlock.

An orientation is required of each student upon entrance.

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