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Tips and tricks for good study habits improve test grades

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Successful students often have mastered good study habits.

Planning ahead for tests, studying in a way that relates to the student’s interests, and having a comfortable place to study will help students know the material better and make better grades on tests.

Parker Birch, student at BFA, said she uses flashcards to study and finds ways to try to “teach herself.”  She does “not take breaks” and is very organized with her school work.

Parker explained, “Being organized makes it easier to study.” For the most part she makes very good grades on her tests, according to Parker.

However, Sydney Darash, student at BFA, said she does not use special techniques for studying; she takes a lot of breaks and crams for tests at the last minute. She admitted she is not very organized and normally does not make good grades on her tests.

So, what tips and tricks are there for good study habits? 

First, you should be well organized.  Agendas and dividers are very helpful in keeping you organized.

Second, you should study in a way that relates to your interests.  For example, if you have a passion for art, you can doodle pictures and color-coordinate your words.  If you like music, you can make up raps or songs to help you memorize the material.  For people who like writing, making acronyms and poems are a very helpful way to study.

Third, is a method everyone is familiar with, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Studying over a longer period of time, rather than cramming the night before, is essential for making better grades.  If you’re usually busy, it is smart to make a planner and plan out your day so that you have time to study.

Fourth tip is to take breaks.  It might sound weird, but it is good to take short breaks between studying.  It is good to take breaks so that when you actually are studying, you can concentrate and not be so worried about missing out on something in the real world.

Last tip is to not study with your friends.  Studying with your friends may sound like a good idea at first, but it is easy to get off topic and not get your work done.  Also, different people learn in different ways.  It is better to study by yourself initially, but maybe later review with your friends. 

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