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Cheering has benefits at BFA

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Byrnes cheerleaders are an important part of Byrnes Freshman Academy.  Their role is to support the athletic teams and cheer them on.


What is needed to be a cheerleader is physical flexibility and vocal volume, and to be kept on the squad a cheerleader has to keep up good grades and stay away from referrals for disciplinary issues.


There is no summer camp for cheerleaders, although they do practice during the summer.  However, the competition team does have a summer camp.


Some colleges give scholarships for cheerleading and even assist cheerleaders through the enrolling process.


There are other benefits to cheering that are more personal.


Carlie Whittaker, a Byrnes High School cheerleader said, one of her favorite parts of cheering is her friends.


Another cheerleader, Chelsea Hall, said her favorite part is tumbling.


Both, Carlie and Chelsea said they had been cheering for three years.  They also stated that it does not affect their school work negatively.


Chelsea said, “I wanted to become a cheerleader because I thought it was cool,” while Carlie said, “I just tried it out.”


Carlie and Chelsea said that it was easy to remember the cheers.


Anna West, one of the middle school cheerleaders, said, “My favorite part of cheering is tumbling and stunting.” She also stated she had been cheering for three years.


“I tried cheering out because I always thought it was cool,” stated Anna.


But Anna said, “It affects my school work sometimes because I don’t have that much time to do it on game days and after practice.”


She went on, “It isn’t hard at all to remember cheers, I think it’s easier to remember them than school work.”

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