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Students at BFA feel strongly about their cafeteria food

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

The school lunch here at BFA is very healthy, a fact many students do not know.

Elaine Gulley, Cafeteria Manger, said,” There are nutritional products in the food.”  She said the workers take a lot of time cooking by starting lunch preparation at 8:00 every morning.”

She also stated that health is important to her.  She said, “We go by the government health rules on making the school food.”

According to cspinet.org, the healthy Hunger-Free Act for Kids resulted in new rules, which will make school lunches more wholesome and nutritious, with double the fruits and vegetables, more whole grains and only low fat or fat free milk.  In S.C. no salt or sugar is allowed in drinks, food, or on the tables.

Ms. Gulley went on to explain how they turn around hot food every lunch break.  “We are fine without having a longer lunch period.  We just cook in-between lunch breaks.”

Gary Savath, a student at BFA, said, “I do not like the cafeteria food, but I do eat the school lunch.” He also admitted his dislike for the new healthy intiative, “I do not want the school food any healthier or it will be nasty.”

Mr. Tucker, ISS Teacher at Byrnes Freshman Academy, said, “Cafeteria food overall is okay, but sometimes I have to be selective with the food.  Most of the time I do bring my own lunch.”

However, Ramiro Tello, student at BFA, said, “I do eat school lunch, and I like the food. 

Some students and faculty members would like longer lunches. Some say they are feeling rushed to eat their food in the 20-25 minutes they get to eat.

Ramiro agreed, “I would love to have a longer lunch period.”

Even some of the teachers wish for longer lunches at BFA.  Mr. Tucker also stated, “I would like to have a longer lunch time.  I feel like sometimes the kids are rushed to eat.”  

Ms. Young, bookkeeper at BFA, agreed, “Teachers don’t really need a longer lunch, but for the kids, yes, because it’s the only time they really get to interact with each other.” 

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