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Students follow styles at Byrnes Freshman Academy

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

At Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) students speak out on their styles of clothing and what it means to them.

According to BFA students, leggings are in for girls.  Also, combat boots, rainbows, and high-low shirts lead the style.  For guys, KDs, Elite Nike socks with long, loose shorts, and Sperries are in.  Khakis always remain in style.

Mr. Tucker, In-School Suspension (ISS) teacher at BFA, said, “Clothing is not as important as personality.” Tucker also stated that clothing benefits academics, “Dress nice to help do better in school.”

“The clothing I wear makes me feel unique,” according to Zion Hackett, a student at BFA.  He also said it impacted student relationships, “People wear name brand clothing because they don’t want to get bullied.”

 Mr. Tucker analyzed student style, “People copy others’ styles because there are more followers than leaders.” He continued, “People want to be liked not accepted.”

 Jordan Davis, student at BFA, explained the importance of style, “Name brand clothing matters if you have the money for it.

 “My style represents who I am,” Jordan Davis claimed.

 Mr. Jackson, assistant principal at BFA, said, “Students take pride in their appearance.” He added humorously, “Always follow page 38 in the student handbook!”

  “My clothing expresses me as a person” Quaterris Medley, a student at BFA, expressed. He also said, “Some name brand looks better.” Medley explained some people’s choices, “Some people want to be like celebrities.”

 Jordan Davis echoed his sentiment, “Some celebrities can be peoples’ idols. People copy styles so that they can fit in and be in the crowd.”

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