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School dances for the 9th grade students is a topic of interest

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Some students at Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) are talking about wanting a school dance.

A poll of 50 students at BFA showed they would attend a school dance if the school were to have one; 78% of the people voted yes.

Mr. Jackson, assistant principal at BFA, shared that there was “no dance other than the military ball” planned for this year.

BFA previously hosted an evening formal dance at the end of the year from 2007 until 2010. 

In the 2010-2011 school year, the administration changed the procedures of the dance.  Alysa Burke, now a senior at Byrnes High School, remembered that when she was a student here, “It was the first year that there wasn’t a formal dance at night and the dance was right after school.” 

The following school year (2012), the dances were cancelled completely.

Mr. Jackson explained why the dances were cancelled, “because of the fact that all the students couldn’t participate.”

He is referring to the policy that students were not allowed to attend if they had received a referral.   Because of the fact that a large percentage of students could not participate that particular year, the dance was cancelled.

Prior to the cancellation, the formal dances were held in the BFA cafeteria at night, instead of right after school.  Food was served; there were decorations, and “they normally had a theme,” Mr. Jackson reminisced.

Savannah St. Peter, a former D.R. Hill student and now a freshman at the Academy, discussed the benefits of past dances from middle school.  “I liked having the chance to talk to people outside of class,” St. Peter said.

Mr. Jackson also expressed that when the dances took place at the school, he felt as if “the students enjoyed it.”

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