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The Byrnes Freshman Academy's nurse is very important to everyone

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

The nurse at Byrnes high school is a vital part of the school, according to a front office worker, Rhonda Bradey.

Mrs. Bradey explained, “She sees all the students and sees if they are really sick or pretending to be sick in order to go home.  She is really important and we love her.  Also, she is here if an accident happens.”

 The school nurse at BFA, Cheryl Miller, said about her job, “I like being a school nurse.  It’s a fulfilling job, an occupation.” 

 Nurse Miller continued to explain her daily duties, “I have a lot of paper work to do and medications to give to students that need it.  I have to call parents if needed and be here for any emergency situation.”

 She also stated that “the most common thing people come here for is ice.”

 Sometimes being a nurse can be tense. “If a kid passes out at school and they have an outstanding condition, I may have to call 911.”

 She stated that her training consisted of a two-year college degree in nursing.  The school’s additional requirement is two years of experience working in a doctor’s office and certification in CPR.

 Although there are fun things to being a school nurse, like “the students, the hours, and having holidays off,” Nurse Miller went on “the worst thing I’ve had to deal with is a student with a terminal issue.”

 According to the website salary.com, the national salary for a school nurse is usually around $45,600. In Spartanburg County it averages at $40,839.  

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