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Illegal Drug use in BFA is not a big Issue

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

Byrnes High School handles drug issues at school with close to zero tolerance.  The administration will either suspend the perpetrator or will recommend him/her for immediate expulsion, in order to help keep the school safe.

Jackie Mathis, resource officer at BFA, said, “Teens mostly do narcotics to escape from reality.”  She also stated that “students will get immediate expulsion if caught with or using narcotics.”

Gail Walsh, special ed teacher at Byrnes Freshman Academy (BFA) said peer pressure is the most common reason teens use narcotics.

She added that students might mistakenly think, “It’s an escape from stress, school, and possibly home life.”

Media specialist, Candi Vaughn said,” Teens use narcotics because they want to explore the “unknown.“They want to try something exciting; they want the fear of the unknown”

Neel Edwards, principal of BFA, said District Five’s drug policy has changed over the years. ”If students are caught with narcotics are recommended for expulsion and the law is brought into the situation.”

He also stated that “drugs are a very minor issue in District Five.  We have a very good student body that is aware of the effects drugs cause teens.”   

Mr. Edwards went on, “Students sometimes fail to see that the drug and alcohol policy still applies in after school activities.”

There are very minimal drug problems in the school, according to Mr. Edwards.  But BFA always takes precautions to keep the school safe, like bringing in drug dogs to search through the school.  

Mr. Edwards admitted, “We bring them in several times a year just to check.  We can’t go to every classroom because the dogs get tired.  We select random classes and lockers to search.”

The dog barks if he/she finds a suspicious substance.  Mr. Edwards declined to say if the dog has found narcotics on campus because the information is confidential.

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