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BFA takes a look at its technology

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

At Byrnes Freshman Academy students and teachers have been debating if the computers and technology are up to date.

The computers and technology at BFA are not outdated according to Mr. Jackson (assistant principal at BFA) who said, “The computers are not outdated.  They just got replaced last year.”

Zion Hackett, a student at BFA, thinks otherwise.  He argued, “We should be using Apple computers to be in the future.  The technology is not outdated.  It’s just that we can do better.”

To get better technology, “we need money!” said Mr. Jackson.

Manuel Hernandez, student at BFA, said the solution is to “get fundraisers and earn money.”

The computers have been, “kept updated” according to Ms. Phan, technology person at BFA. Technology is important, according to Ms. Phan, because “in today’s world everything is electronic.”

Technology access is also important to students. Zion Hackett said, “Technology can be useful for information that isn’t in our texts.” Manuel Hernandez also said, “Technology is in use in everyday life.”

The Dell Net Books at BFA were made in 2009, which are five years old.  However, the computers were made in July 2012, which is very recent.

In South Carolina District 7, all high school students were assigned a Macbook Air for 2013-2014 and elementary students from 4th to 5th grades got Apple iPads. Students are also allowed to take them home to finish any school assignments.

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