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The cell phone policy at Byrnes Freshman Academy has changed

March 20, 2014
James F Byrnes Freshman Academy

There is a new cell phone policy at Byrnes in which students are now allowed to use their phones during school hours for educational purposes, and for communication with parents for pickup/drop-off. 

Administration also feels as if this is a better option for teachers so that they do not have to write as many referrals for the usage of devices.

Use of electronic devices is allowed before school, between class changes, during lunch, after school, and in class with the permission of a teacher.

According to the school website, teachers or administrators must give students permission before using them in common areas.  Common areas include the halls, media center, restrooms, front office or guidance office, etc.

The district is considering this new policy as a privilege for students to use their devices.  The privilege may be taken from them if they take advantage of the new rules by using them without permission during class, or if they do not put them away when they are told to do so. 

The school does not take responsibility for electronic devices that have been lost or broken during school hours or on the campus.

The new rule has given many students a better visual or interactive understanding of what they are learning in class.

Dr. Miles, an English and journalism teacher at BFA, stated that usage of devices during a lesson is “a good tool when we want to have a classroom discussion like on todaysmeet.com.  Students feel like they are getting a grade for texting!”

Other teachers disagree and will not permit their students to use their devices during class time.  Mr. McIntyre, a Spanish teacher at BFA, used the reasoning that, “some students have been using them for personal conversations, also during tests.” 

Students are very fond of the new policy.  One student in particular, Kylie Burger, mentioned that her favorite part of being able to have electronics at school is “using them at lunch and reading books on our phones.”  Kylie also stated that usage of cell phones in class has helped her “understand the lesson better.”

The vice principal at BFA, Mr. Jackson, said, “I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I think it has helped them,” referring to the students at the Freshman Academy.

Riverside High School has a similar electronic device policy to the one at Byrnes.  However, at Eastside High School, there is a policy in which the students are only allowed to use electronic devices during lunch, according to their handbook.

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